The Office of Communications is responsible for providing strategic communications support for the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Working with both internal and external audiences, our staff tells the exciting and important story of UCLA Luskin to the general public and our campus community. By working with local, regional, national and international print and electronic news media, the office strives to generate media coverage of UCLA Luskin and of the people, programs, events and activities that distinguish the School. In addition to its public information and media relations functions, our staff maintains the School’s social media channels, manages the UCLA Luskin website, creates digital and print marketing materials, and produces the biannual Luskin Forum magazine. If you’re looking for an expert to comment on issues involving Public Policy, Social Welfare or Urban Planning, please contact our office.


Produced in partnership with the UCLA Chancellor’s Office, Blueprint is journalism with purpose. It’s a magazine about ideas for improving Los Angeles and California — and about the people and institutions charged with doing that. It is meant to bring those together: to give civic leaders the best and most current thinking in public affairs research, and to expose academicians to the complexities and frailties of governance. Read online or download a copy in PDF format.

For the Media

The UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has faculty experts in a wide array of topics. To request an interview with any faculty member, please contact us.

Logos, Templates and Other Information

Samples and guidelines

The Luskin School logos

Shown above are the official UCLA Luskin logos – a long and a short version. No other versions of the School logo should be created or used without authorization from the Communications Office.

Departmental logos

Each department has its own long and short logo. No other versions of the Departmental logos should be created or used without authorization from the Communications Office.


In order to effectively communicate the UCLA Luskin brand, it is vital that all faculty, staff, students, departments and units use only approved versions of School and Departmental logos. Do not attempt to alter or recreate logo files.

If you need to resize a logo within your document, be sure to keep the image proportionally – it should not be stretched or squeezed in either dimension.

The following links are .JPG and .PNG files, and are appropriate for most desktop publishing, email and website use. If you need a different version of a file, if the image comes out grainy or if a file is not working for your purposes, please contact the Communications Office.

Color version
White version

Color version
White version

Color version
White version

Color version
White version

Color version
White version

Color version
White version

Color version
White version

Color version
White version


Official Stationery is available through a contract with Castle Press Printing.

Generic UCLA Luskin handout templates (MS Word templates):

UCLA Luskin event flyers (MS Word, password required. Contact UCLA Luskin Communications for access.)

UCLA Luskin Powerpoint template

Official UCLA Luskin Letterhead (MS Word, password required. Contact UCLA Luskin Communications for access.)


Click here for a Flickr gallery of faculty/staff headshots.

UCLA logos

Click here for additional information about UCLA identity and branding guidelines.

Usage and other information

As of March 18, 2011, the entity formerly known as the UCLA School of Public Affairs was renamed the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs. Simultaneously, the building name was changed to “Public Affairs Building.”

Name usage: There are three versions of the new School name that are preferred for written use:

  • Common: “UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs”
  • Abbreviated: “UCLA Luskin” or “UCLA Luskin School”
  • Formal: “UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs”

In correspondence or publications, use the common name of the School upon first reference. Abbreviated forms may be used upon second reference or within documents intended for an internal audience. Do not use the acronym “SPA.”

Outdated usage: Materials bearing the following outdated names must be removed from circulation:

  • “School of Public Policy and Social Research (SPPSR)”
  • “School of Public Affairs (SPA)”
  • “Public Policy Building”
  • “School of Public Policy” (inaccurate shortening)
  • “School of Public Affairs Building (SPAB)”

Reference materials: For guidance on how to write about academic degrees, names of UCLA entities and other usage questions, download the UCLA Luskin in-house style guide (PDF).

The Chicago Manual of Style is the preferred style guide for formal publications, letters, invitations, programs, etc.

The AP Stylebook is preferred for media releases, business documents and contemporary language usage.


Contact the Communications office for further assistance

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George Foulsham
Executive Director of Communications
(310) 206-0159

Les Dunseith
Assistant Director of Communications
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Marisa Lemorande
Director of Alumni Relations & Social Media
(310) 825-3589

Stan Paul
Undergraduate Advisor and Principal Writer
(310) 206-8966

UCLA Communications
UCLA Office of Media Relations
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