Climate Changes Set to Transform Cities

Predicting climate changes in our near future can be a difficult task, considering all the data and the numbers there maybe to crunch, the socio-economic impacts to go over, and fluctuations in weather to monitor. Noting that “cities adapt or they go away," the New York Times recently looked into the changes that we will be feeling in the near future. The article highlighted how cities like Chicago will now experience subtropical climate in the coming century, and will undergo new modeling changes to adapt towards these challenges.

Urban Planning Student Creates Sustainable Gardens on Reclaimed Water

Urban Planning student Alek Bartrosouf was recently published in the Los Angeles Times for promoting the use of sustainable gardens in Glendale. Bartrosouf's efforts in creating the nonprofit Coalition for a Green Glendale and working with the City of Glendale, has sparked many positive reactions. Moreover, the garden has been deemed "water certified" by Glendale Water and Power. More about Bartrosouf's efforts can be read in the article here.

"On the Record:" Looking at California's Governor and UCs


Professor Daniel J.B. Mitchell recently published an opinion article in the Daily Bruin regarding Governor Jerry Brown's move to end talks with Republican legislators over a tax increase. This move provokes Mitchell, and others to ask what can the University of California ask from Brown and politicians among budget woes? Read the article here or below.

On the Record

NexTrip App: One of Many Reasons To Hop on That Bus

Among the many incentives to take public transportation like rising gas prices, NexTrip is a new app being displayed to Metro users throughout Los Angeles. It shows projected times for bus arrivals and travel times. Read more about what being deemed a "big time saver" here.


Brian Taylor Talks to Which Way LA About Metro Cutbacks