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"On the Record:" Looking at California's Governor and UCs


Professor Daniel J.B. Mitchell recently published an opinion article in the Daily Bruin regarding Governor Jerry Brown's move to end talks with Republican legislators over a tax increase. This move provokes Mitchell, and others to ask what can the University of California ask from Brown and politicians among budget woes? Read the article here or below.

On the Record

Swiss Railway Tunnel Marks Planning Achievement

With continued demands for extended railways through Europe, the Swiss have completed the construction of the longest transport tunnel in the world. Known as the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the underground rail project has taken 14 years of digging through 2,500+ meters of rock. The tunnel serves to create a transport network in Europe to facilitate goods through high-speed passenger and freight trains.

FBI Report States Crime Down 5%, Kleiman talks to KPCC

Public Policy Professor Mark Kleiman spoke with Larry Mantle on KPCC's Air Talk regarding a new report by the FBI. The report claims a five percent reduction in crime and follows a general reduction of crime since the 1994. Kleiman discussed that:

There's half as much crime as there was in 1994. Now every time crime goes down, it becomes a lesser deal for criminals because they are doing fewer prison days per crime committed.

Agriculture Workers Victory: A Look Back at History”

On the 40th anniversary of the successful grape boycott led by Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, UCLA urban planning alumnus Alvaro Huerta looks at the event in the context of today’s labor laws and working conditions.  In a piece published in The Progessive, Huerta writes:

LA Times reports Santa Monica Plans to Raise Parking Rates

The following is excerpted from a story reported in the October 15, 2009 edition of The Los Angeles Times:

"We grow up thinking that somebody else should pay for parking," said Donald Shoup, a Yale-trained economist and UCLA urban planning professor who wrote "The High Cost of Free Parking," considered by many the definitive text on the subject. "The cost doesn't go away just because the driver doesn't pay for it."

Health-Care Reform Checklist, from UCLA Magazine

By Mona Gable, Illustrations by Brian Cronin

The following is excerpted from the October 2009 edition of UCLA Magazine.

Health Care Reform: Origins and Responses with Mark Peterson

Mark A. Peterson, UCLA professor of public policy and political science, talks about the origins of the health care crisis and how long the health care system has been heading towards a crisis state.

Origins of the Health Care Crisis

Will Health Care Reform Include a Public Option?

Prisoner Abuse and National Security

Amy Zegart, associate professor of Public Policy, joined a panel of experts on KCRW’s nationally-syndicated public radio program, “To the Point,” (8/25/09) to discuss CIA interrogation and President Obama’s creation of a new Interagency Interrogation Group, the quality of intelligence information-gathering in U.S. agencies. Hosted by Warren Olney, the panel also featured R.

Faculty Commentary: The Business of Medical Marijuana

Mark A. R. Kleiman, professor of public policy, participated in a panel discussion on the business and politics of the booming medical marijuana business in California on KQED Radio’s “Forum” (July 24, 2009).

Listen to the entire broadcast here

What is your sense of how the shifting political winds is changing the way policy makers are thinking about this question of what to do about it in terms of regulation and taxing it?

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