Mission Statement and Definition of Priorities

The mission of the Luskin School of Public Affairs Computing Services Unit is summarized as follows:

To support the academic and instructional mission of the Luskin School of Public Affairs, the associated administrative structure, and the research endeavors of its faculty.

The application of this mission is defined by the following priorities of Luskin Computing Services:

  1. To support the instructional mission of the Luskin School of Public Affairs both in the classroom and in other instructional venues. This includes providing the student body of the Luskin School of Public Affairs with access to the computing environment in support of their course of instruction and disciplinary requirements.
  2. To provide the administrative tools needed to implement the instructional program and to conduct the regular business functions of the Luskin School of Public Affairs that are funded by the State of California General Fund.
  3. To support the Faculty of the Luskin School of Public Affairs in the development of instructional materials and to support their academic endeavors.
  4. To support the research efforts of individual faculty members and affiliated research centers. Support is provided on an as-available basis with full cost recovery for staff time and associated expenditures.

The levels of support available under this prioritization schedule are as follows:

  1. For Instructional and Administrative Support, all connectivity, enterprise business software, and machine physical support is provided. Additionally, all software licenses needed for teaching the regular curriculum of the Luskin School of Public Affairs are provided. Workstations in the computing classrooms are regularly serviced to ensure successful support of the teaching mission and administrative workstations are serviced as needed to ensure continuous productive operation in support of the School’s mission.
  2. Faculty receive support for their primary faculty workstation—the station which is used to support teaching and the basic academic endeavors of the faculty (generally located in their faculty office)—including connectivity, enterprise business software, and machine physical support as needed. Software license purchase remains the responsibility of the home department, with full support from computing staff. This category includes all ladder faculty, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, and lecturers, as well as visiting scholars and affiliates.
  3. Computing workstations used in support of individual faculty research, or workstations or servers used by research units, institutes, or centers, receive basic connectivity if they are housed in the Luskin School of Public Affairs. Connectivity is comprised of a physical connection to the Internet (via the School’s routing and switching services) and the approved software needed to connect to the School’s intranet.

Luskin Computer Lab

The Luskin School of Public Affairs computing lab is used by Luskin graduate students for theircoursework and projects. In order to provide students with equitable access to computing resources thelab must maintain an atmosphere that is suitable for academic work thus policies have been adoptedand implemented.The Luskin School of Public Affairs has a computing lab with thirty computer stations, a walk‐in back labwith twenty‐four computer stations, and an enclosed glass collaboration room with a conference tableand six computer stations. When not being used for instruction, the front classroom is available forwalk‐in use. All of the computers run Microsoft Windows operating systems and have the full MicrosoftOffice suite, Adobe Creative Suite, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and statistical software (STATA, SAS, and SPSS), aswell as other software packages. 

The computing staff is available for support and consultation Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm throughout the year. Please visit our website for updated information about schedules and services (