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AMPPS Leadership

Co-Chairs:  Begona Guereca and Jonathan Slakey

    Set annual goals with the Department Chair, the administration, and the faculty
    Represent the interests of Public Policy students at the Social Science Council and theGSA Forum
    Determine the dynamic needs of MPP students and communicate this information to AMPPSofficers and to the Department
    Develop and implement policies to improve MPP student involvement with AMPPS and AMPPSactivities
    Coordinate with other MPP student groups including PPDE in order to share resources andinformation
    Serve as liaison to the Los Angeles policy schools student organizations
    Oversee planning and execution of AMPPS activities
    Organize and run AMPPS meetings

Vice-Chair:  TBA

    Organize and run Town Hall Meetings
    Oversee development of 1st and 2nd year memo
    Develop and implement policies specifically related to improving the relationship between 1st and 2nd year students
    Collect bi-weekly progress reports from AMPPS officers
    Facilitate information sharing between AMMPS officers and AMPPS Chair
    Impartially mediate any disputes that may arise amongst AMPPS officers

V.P. of Student Programming: TBA

    Make preparations for the formal/end of the quarter events (Holiday Party, Prom, Graduation, etc,.)
    Oversee Faculty-Student Lunch Program
    Organize Inter-cohort mixers
    Organize and Plan intra cohort gatherings (happy hours, beach bonfires, hikes, bbqs etc., sporting events, community service)
    Lead All future student led intra-departmental events
    Organize and Oversee all External Events (Policy Symposium, alumnai Tailgate, etc)
    Lead and Organize all Pofessional and Career Related Events

Director of Student Programming: TBA

Director of Student Programming for Media: TBA

    assist with brown-bag lunches with faculty
    support the VPs of Events and Alumni and Professional Development
    assist with other academic/career related activities, e.g., coffee chats with professors

V.P. of Finance: TBA

    Oversee AMPPS financial business
    Maintain records of AMPPS checking account and GSA funds
    Sign checks and assist board members with requisition forms for GSA reimbursements
    Attend GSA council meetings to gain funding for programming

Finance Directors: CC Song and Liz Swain

    set fundraising goals to support AMPPS and its programming
    propose, oversee, and promote new fundraising programs
    sell AMPPS travel coffee mugs and other fundraising items at events

V.P. of Communication: TBA

    Maintain social networking sites.
    Re-Design AMPPS webpage
    Write AMPPS digest e-mail
    Monitor AMPPS e-mail account and send out notifications to the class
    Maintain online calendar
    Point of Contact for scheduling

Director of Communication: Michael Fonbuena

    promote events to students via email and in class announcements
    get first years excited about events; encourage them to participate
    record and distribute AMPPS meeting minutes
    oversee the AAMPS website and ensure that information is updated and accurate

V.P. of Professional Development: Katja Nelson

    serve as a link to Alumni Council meetings
    communicate with alumni for event planning
    coordinate professor lunches (“Take a Professor to Lunch/Coffee,” quarterly brown bags)
    advocate for career focused activities that policy students are interested in
    work with administration on first year internship info session; collect second year internship contact list
    facilitate sector/industry mentorships, groups, etc.

Director of Public Relations: TBA

    organize community service and volunteering events
    represent the department and school as needed at community events
    make relevant connections with other departments on campus

Director of Networking / Internships: TBA

    make relevant connections with other schools and alumni
    coordinate mixers with alumni and other schools
    assist in reaching out to alumni and other local figures for career panels, events, etc.

V.P. of Outreach & Diversity: TBA

    work with the department to help plan Welcome Day for admitted students
    support the department in recruiting efforts such as organizing student panels for informational sessions and attending recruiting fairs
    develop and oversee execution of retention strategy
    update AMPPS on Policy Professionals for Diversity and Equity (PPDE) activities including recruitment, retention, professional networking, and awareness events

Director of Community Outreach: TBA

    plan retention events such as mixers, support groups, etc. in cooperation with First Year Liaison
    support VP Outreach & Diversity in attending recruiting and outreach events, and developing/disseminating outreach materials (e.g., presentations, flyers, brochures, etc.
    support organizing of Welcome Day events
    develop and maintain relationships with other student outreach organizations

AMPPS Department Liaisons: Martha Washo

Town Hall assistant coordinators: Terra Bennett and Adina Farruk