Applied Policy Projects


Applied Policy Projects

The MPP Program culminates in a mandatory two-quarter seminar dedicated to preparation of a major applied policy project. The objective is to challenge students to conduct a detailed investigation of a real policy problem and to frame the problem in its wider social context. Students are encouraged to grapple with the challenges of policy implementation in the midst of competing and often conflicting social, political, economic and technical interests.

Applied Policy Project (APP) Handbook for 2015-2016

The department annually recognizes Distinguished Applied Policy Projects with an award.

The Applied Policy Projects the variety of policy topics that MPP students address. In addition to the MPP program's concentrations, students APP's have focused on additional policy areas such as human rights, aging, science and technology, arts and culture, and many more.

The link below provides a spreadsheet of all the Applied Policy Projects by year.
Applied Policy Projects from 1998 to the Present

SEARCH: You can also search the Applied Policy Projects database by keywords, by going up to edit and then find.The search will include records with all or part of the keyword.

FOR POTENTIAL CLIENTS:  This brochure provides information for organizations that have a policy question that they need to address and would like to consider having a team of UCLA MPP students complete an Applied Policy Project for the organization.