The Art of Leadership


The Art of Leadership

Part of UCLA Luskin's strategic plan is developing and promoting leadership programs. Between leadership-oriented curriculum, leadership training programs like the Senior Fellows, Bohnett and Rosenfield Fellowships, student workshops and hands-on field work, UCLA Luskin plays a vital role in developing the leaders of tomorrow.

The School's leadership values also attract some of the best and brightest leaders to be part of the Luskin School faculty or to bring in speciality speakers who share their visions and innovations through the Luskin Lecture Series.

The "Art of Leadership" video series captures thoughts of the country's foremost leaders as they give insight into the successes and inspirations of what it takes to lead.

Below is the playlist which features all of our "Art of Leadership" videos.

The "Art of Leadership" video series has featured these public figures:

William J. Bratton, Former LAPD and NYPD Chief of Police

John Deasy, Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent

Anita Hill, equality pioneer

Antonio Villaraigosa, former Mayor of Los Angeles

Michael Dukakis, Public Policy professor and former Democratic Presidential candidate

Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont