Center for the Study of Inequality


Center for the Study of Inequality

Center for the Study of Inequality
The mission of the Center for the Study of Inequality is to generate new information and knowledge about the nature, magnitude and causes of socioeconomic inequality. It is committed to translating academic scholarship into feasible and actionable policies, plans and programs. The Center focuses on these issues and challenges in the Southern California region, and expands its findings through including comparative analysis with other regions.

The Center has three major thematic areas:

  1. exploring the growing economic inequality over the last quarter-century;
  2. enhancing environmental justice research and teaching; and
  3. spotlighting less visible minorities (mainly American Indians and Asian Americans).

You can see the Center's publications on their Issuu page.

May 2015 report: Asian American Electorate Expected to Double by 2040

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Available Now: Request for Proposals: Solutions for Inequality- Applied Research (PDF)

In August 2013, the Center produced an exhibit at the Hammer Museum demonstrating foreclosure patterns in Los Angeles County during the Great Recession. Some highlights from the exhibit are below, or you can download posters (PDF) from the exhibit as well.


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