Community Scholars 2002-03


Community Scholars 2002-03

1. LUPE E. GONZALEZ, Coalition for Community Health (CCH). Lupe is the "Access to Health Care Project," Coordinator for the CCH. In existence since 1997, CCH focuses on Central and South Central Los Angeles communities, its mission to build healthy communities through a network of community clinics, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Lupe has had experience with the Los Angeles County Immunization Program's promotera project and is an officer of the Esperanza Committee for Community Health Promotion, and was a graduate of the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation's first community health promoter class in 1996.

2. RAFAEL LOIEDERMAN, ARTScorpsLA. Raphael as the Lead Coordinator for ARTScorpLA is the organization's first formal organizer. ARTScorpsLA dates to 1992 and is a land, art, and community organization that works in two locations near downtown Los Angeles, Spiraling Orchard Park in Temple-Beaudry/Echo Park, and La Tierra de la Culebra Park, in Highland Park.

3. MALAIKA GRAY, ARTScorpsLA. Malaika is an Organizer for ARTScorpsLA who works in the Sp;iraling Orchard Park project on issues of neighborhood safety, beautification, and quality of life. Along with Raphael she works to create an effective community council in this neighborhood. Malaika brings to this position her experience in Nepal as well as her environmental protection and feminist activities at Occidental College.

4. MICHELLE MONDIA, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA). Michelle is a Case Manager for SIPA. SIPA, a 30-year-old non-profit organization serves Pilipino-Americans and other communities along the Temple-Beaudry corridor. Michelle facilitates impact groups at local middle and high schools with one goal being to assess the needs of youths in the community so that SIPA can tailor its services and programs.

5. MAYRON PAYES, Multi-Ethnic Immigrant Workers Organizing Network (MIWON), and Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). Mayron is the Workers Rights Project Coordinator of MIWON and assists in CHIRLA's organizing efforts in the Domestic Worker Project and the Immigrant Youth Program, "Wise Up!" as well as coordinating with national organizations and campaigns. CHIRLA was started in 1986 and has worked with many different communities, formed coalitions, task forces, and response networks to address particular issues regarding immigration as well as created new organizations

6. ANTONIO BARNABE, Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). Tony is the Lead Project Coordinator of their day laborer project. Antonio has been working with day laborers for over eight years and his leadership has made the North Hollywood Day Laborer Site one of the most exemplary projects in the nation. As well, Antonio has worked closely with the development of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

7. JOYCE HAYASHI, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 434B, Homecare and Nursing HomeWorkers. Joyce is a member of the Executive Board.

8. BLANCA ROSA, SEIU Local 434B, Homecare and Nursing HomeWorkers. Blanca is a Member of Local 434B and has been a homecare worker for 18 years. Her activism and commitment is reflected in her being arrested for civil disobedience in the ongoing struggle for homecare workers and their families to gain higher wages.

9. RUBY FOX, SEIU Local 434B, Homecare and Nursing Home Workers. Ruby is a member of the Executive Board and has been active in the training programs offered by Local 434B, including receiving 54 hours of training to improve homecare skills, a workshop on preventing transmission of HIV and Aids, and is currently taking the computing class.

10. BLANCA CARIAS, SEIU Local 434B, Homecare and Nursing HomeWorkers. Blanca is a Trustee of the Executive Board.

11. NASEH GAMMEETYAN, SEIU Local 434B, Homecare and Nursing HomeWorkers. Naseh is a Homecare Worker Education Outreach

12. MAZMANYAN YEGISABET ELIZA, SEIU Local 434B, Homecare and Nursing HomeWorkers. Mazmanyan is a Homecare Worker Education Outreach

13. FRANCIS VERDOTE, Pilipino Workers Center

14. PATRICIA MORGAN, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

15. YOON-SOON CHO, Korean Immigrant Workers Association (KIWA). Yoon-Soon is a Community Organizer with KIWA. KIWA is a non-profit community-based organization whose mission is to empower low-wage immigrant workers and develop a progressive constituency in LA's immigration communities as well as join forces with other underrepresented communities fighting for social justice. Yoon-Soon's work as a Community Organizer includes gathering and sustaining support for KIWA's campaigns, its main one being the Market Workers Justice Campaign that led to the formation of the Immigrant Workers Union and the boycott against Assi Market which suspended over 50 workers, most of whom were pro-union.

16. MAXIMILIANO MARISCAL, Immigrant Workers Union. (via KIWA).

17. JAYSON POPE, SEIU Local 1877

18. ADOLFO GAMEZ, SEIU Local 1877