To ensure that students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world, as well as to initiate and develop professional contacts in public policy, MPP students are required to participate in a 400-hour field internship with a government agency, nonprofit group, private firm, or other organization approved by their faculty advisor. This internship is traditionally completed during the summer, but many students complete all or part of the 400 hours during the academic year. Also, the internship hours may be served in several different organizations.

This Google Map indicates the internship sites for the MPP Classes of 2013, 2012, & 2011.  We will be updating the map with information about internship sites from previous MPP cohorts.  When you click on the internship site icon a window will appear witht details about the organization, a web link, and the names of the MPP students who served in those internships. 

To document this fieldwork requirement students need to complete the following:

Internship Contact and Description  - This on-line form records the basic contact information about the internship along with the organization and internship description.  A form needs to be completed for each internship site, if a student serves the 400 hours in more than one setting.

Internship Agreement Form - This form documents in detail the activities, duties, and responsibilities of the internship and any expected outcomes and deliverables.  The form is to be completed at the beginning of the internship and signed by both the student and internship supervisor. The Agreement Form is due to the Department Graduate Advisor upon completion of the internship with the supervisor's initials by the hours completed.  The Agreement Form can be submitted as an email attachment or a student can copy the content of the Agreement Form into the body of an email and have the internship supervisor verify the hours completed via her or his work email. 

The Internship Brochure describes the internship expectations for potential employers, organizations, and agencies. 

The School’s Career Services web page lists current internship opportunities as well as full-time positions for graduating MPP students.