1. Degree Requirements (4 years)

During the first year, students follow the required law curriculum and must attain at least a 2.2 GPA to continue in the concurrent program.

Students spend the second year in the Urban Planning Program taking 36 quarter units toward the MURP degree.

During the third and fourth years, students take the equivalent of 36 additional quarter units to complete the planning degree and the necessary course work to complete the law degree.

Students must take three courses (12 units maximum) from the list below and may apply them toward both the J.D. and MURP degrees. Students may petition to substitute other policy-oriented courses for one or more of the multiple-listed courses.

At the end of the fourth year, students are awarded both the J.D. and MURP degrees. Fulfillment of the fieldwork requirement in the Urban Planning Program is handled on an individual basis.

Master's students in Urban Planning are required to take five core courses (20 quarter units).

2. Multiple-Listed Courses (joint degree students should take the Law version of the course)

The School of Law is on the semester system. Concurrently offered courses will be taught in the Law School Spring semester (Winter and Spring Quarters) . Final grades will be assigned in Spring quarter upon completion of both A and B courses.

LAW M286/UP M202A and 202B Land Use Law (3 semester units)
LAW M287/UP M276A and 276B Urban Housing and Community Development (3
semester units)
LAW M290/UP M264A and 264B Environmental Law (3 semester units)
LAW M526/UP M203A and 203B Seminar: Urban Affairs (3 semester units)

3. Law School classes that may count toward your Urban Planning degree.

Law 209 Real Estate Finance
Law 214B Civil Right: Public Interest Litigation
Law 216 Administrative Law
LAW 260 Labor Law
Law 262 Education Law and Policy
Law 266 Critical Race Theory
Law 270 Public International Law
Law 273 International Human Rights
Law 290A International Environmental Law
Law 331 Immigration Law
Law 333 Community Association Law
Law 363 Non-Profit Organization
Law 374 Comparative Racialization and the American Legal System

Note: 300 series Law classes may be counted towards the MURP degree per the Registrar's Office 10/02.