Ph.D. Profile: Lee Mackey


Ph.D. Profile: Lee Mackey

MPP Environment & Development (University of California, Los Angeles)
BA History & Spanish (University of Wisconsin, Madison)


Lee Mackey’s research analyzes the changing institutional configurations at the heart of new ‘south-south’ geographies of development and socioenvironmental change between the ‘BRICS’ and the rest of Latin America and Africa. Mackey is one of the only scholars exploring new geographies of development between Brazil and Latin America over the last decade and he has conducted multi-sited fieldwork with elite policymakers, private firms and civil society on the rescaling of institutions from Brazil in the governance of commodities production in Bolivia, El Salvador. This research has important implications for debates over how and why ‘emerging’ institutions that have shaped development processes in Brazil, China and India articulate with the promotion of particular industries, political economies and land uses at multiple scales. Mackey is a Fulbright Scholar and his research has been funded through a variety of extramural and international sources. He was a visiting researcher at Brazil’s prestigious Getulio Vargas Foundation, ranked as the leading think tank in Latin America, in addition to having held research affiliations at the Postgraduate Program on the Environment and Rural Development at the University of Brasilia and leading research institutes in Bolivia and El Salvador. Mackey has presented his work in international conferences and forums and he is one of the only scholars from the United States that was asked to participate in a new research network analyzing the role of the BRICS in processes of agrarian change in their respective regions.

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Lee Mackey

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
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