Luskin Center for Innovation


Luskin Center for Innovation

Luskin Center for Innovation unites the intellectual capital of UCLA with forward-looking civic leaders to address the most pressing issues confronting our community, nation and world.

As one of the world’s leading research universities located in one of the world’s most dynamic metropolitan regions, UCLA has an opportunity, indeed a responsibility, to create a new model of “problem solving” to permanently alter how scholarship impacts society. Working closely with elected officials, non-profit, community and business leaders, the Luskin Center for Innovation will address the problem of environmental sustainability in Los Angeles through a mixture of scholarship, research and community engagement.  The Luskin Center was founded with a generous gift from Renee and Meyer Luskin.

The Center is organized around initiatives that seek to translate world class research and expertise into real-world policy solutions. Research Initiatives are typically led by a Luskin Scholar and are supported by teams of faculty and staff from a variety of academic disciplines. The Center supports these initiatives by funding original research, scholars, conferences, technical internships and solution-oriented speaker series. The initiatives are carefully selected to utilize UCLA’s strengths and then carefully designed and reviewed to maximize the likely success of civic leaders.  Proposed initiatives include: 1) Advancing Renewable Energy Goals for Los Angeles; 2) Creating Smart Water Systems for Southern California; 
3) Effective Climate Change Planning for Local Governments; 4) Reducing Toxic Exposures to Nano-materials in California; and 5) CleanTech Los Angeles and 6) Green Power and Energy Efficiency.

The UCLA School of Public Affairs
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External Affairs

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