Ph.D. Third Year


Ph.D. Third Year

c. Year Three: Oral Qualifying Exam/Advancement to Candidacy

i. UP 208C: Advanced Research Design

Advanced Research Design is required of doctoral students who have completed their Major Field Exam but have not yet taken their Oral Qualifying Exam.   This course may be repeated for credit, and doctoral students should take it at least once per academic year prior to the Oral Qualifying Examination.

ii. Oral Qualifying Exam

a. Nomination of Doctoral Committee

A completed nomination form must be submitted to Graduate Division AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EXAM.   The committee must consist of three UP faculty and one outside faculty.   (University regulations regarding the eligibility of faculty to serve on committee are here.)   Please see the Graduate Advisor, Robin McCallum, for more information.

b. Registration Requirements

Students must be registered during the quarter in which they take this examination.   Students who are registered Spring quarter may take the examination during the summer.

c. Format of Examination

Students defend their dissertation proposal.   Students may pass the exam with one negative vote.

The examination has no time limit but generally runs about two hours.

All four committee members must be present in the room during the oral exam; there are no exceptions.

d. Timing of Examination

Students who have not taken the oral qualifying exam by the end of their third year (excepting those with approved leaves of absence) must submit a written explanation to their principal advisor with a copy to the coordinator of doctoral studies.

Students who have not passed the oral qualifying examination by the end of the fifth year (except those with approved leave of absences) will be asked to withdraw from the program. However students are entitled to request that a review board be established to consider their case.

iii. Advancement to Candidacy

Once the Graduate Division receives the examination report form, students are advanced to candidacy. An international student who has advanced to candidacy will then have his/her non-resident tuition reduced fully for up to three years after the date of advancement.