Publications by PhD Students


Publications by PhD Students


Megan Ebor 

Ebor, M., Murray, A.,Gaul, Z., & Sutton,
M. (2015). HIV awareness and knowledge among viewers of a documentary film
about HIV among racial- or ethnic-minority older adults. Health & Social
Work [
Advanced Access published June 9, 2015].

Megan Holmes

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Rachel Kaplan
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Disability and Society, 25(6).

Kaplan RL, Linos, N., & Khawaja, M. (in press).

Husband’s control and sexual coercion within marriage: findings from a population-based survey in Egypt. Violence Against Women.

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Bum Jung Kim

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Kim, B.J., & Torres-Gil, F.M. (in press). Social Security and its Impact on Older Latinos.
Journal of Applied Gerontology.

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Dustianne North

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Jennifer Sheppard Payne
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Cindy Sangalang

Sangalang C.C. & Gee G.C. (In press). Depression and anxiety among Asian Americans: The effects of social support and strain. Social Work.

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Susan Snyder

Abrams, L. & Snyder, S.M. (in press) Youth offender reentry: Models for intervention and directions for future inquiry. Children and Youth Services Review.

Snyder, S.M. & Freisthler, B. (in press) A re nonprofit density and nonprofit expenditures related to youth deviance? Children and Youth Services Review.

Dianne (Fields) Terry
Fields, D. & Abrams, L.S. (2010). Gender differences in the perceived needs and barriers of youth offenders preparing for community reentry. Child and Youth Care Forum. DOI: 10.1007/s10566-010-9102-x

Lianne Urada

Morisky, D.E., Lyu, S., Urada, L. (2010). The role of non-formal education in combating the HIV epidemic in the Philippines and Taiwan. Prospects: Quarterly Review of Comparative Education, 3(4), 335-357.

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Andrea Witkin
Witkin, A., Milburn, N., May, S., Brooks, R., & Rotheram-Borus, M.J., (in press). Homeless and Runaway Youth in Los Angeles County. Youth and Society.