Research Methods


Research Methods

Recommended Course Sequence for Research Methods Requirements

Students are encouraged to seek out research methods courses that appeal to them and may not be on this list.   Please see the Ph.D. Coordinator and/or your Graduate Advisor  for course approval.

Because the exact content of many of the following courses can vary considerably from one year to the next, students are advised to check with the class instructor prior to enrolling in the course.   Also be advised that the difficulty and focus of a course with the same title can vary from department to department.

A. Statistics

MANAGEMENT 213A* - Intermediate Probability & Statistics
213B - Statistical Methods in Management
213C - Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

(prereq. for 213A: MGT 402 or equivalent)
(prereq. for 2l3B: 213A or C/I)
(prereq. for 213C: 213B or C/I)

GEOGRAPHY M272 - Spatial Statistics (same as UPM215)***

(prereq. for UP M215: C/I)

SOCIOLOGY 210A*, B - Intermediate Statistical Methods I, II
(complete statistical package through multivariate analysis)

(prereq. for SOC 210A: SOC M18 or equiv.)
(prereq. for SOC 210B: M18, restricted to graduate Sociology majors or C/I)

EDUCATION 230A* - Introduction to Research Design and Statistics (Fall only)
230 B-C - Linear Statistical Models (Wtr & Spr only)
231A - Multivariate Analysis
231B - Factor Analysis
231C - Categorical Data

(prereq. for 230A: screening exam required (restricted to Education/Special Education majors, C/I)
(prereq. for 230BC: 230A or screening exam)
(prereq. for 231A: 230BC)
(prereq. for 231B: 211B, 231A)
(prereq. for 231C: 230BC)

ECONOMICS 203A* - Probability & Statistics for Econometrics (restricted to graduate Economics major
or C/I)
203B - Introduction to Econometrics: Single Equation Models
203C - Introduction to Econometrics: System Models

(statistical sequence with emphasis on economics applications)

PSYCHOLOGY 250A*, B - Advanced Psychological Statistics

POLITICAL SCIENCE 200A*, B, C - Statistical Methods I, II, III

(prereq. for 200B: 200A)
(prereq. for 200C: 200A, B)


PSYCHOLOGY 253 - Factor Analysis

B. Modeling

General Prerequisite: MGT 400 - Mathematics for Management, or equiv.

MANAGEMENT 2l2A, B - Decision Sciences Models I, II & III

(prereq. for 212A: MATH 31B & MGT 407)
(prereq. for 212B: MATH 402, MGT 407, or equiv.)

C. Research Methods

ANTHROPOLOGY 282 - Research Design in Cultural Anthropology (prereq: C/I)
M284 Qualitative Research Methodology (same as Community Health Sciences M216)
(Prereq: C/I)

NURSING 205ABC - Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Research

SOCIOLOGY 212A, B - Survey Data Analysis (focus on analysis of actual data; prereq: 210A, 210B)
216A, B - Survey Research Methods (focus on survey design and data collection)
217A - Analyzing Ethnographies (prereq: C/I)
217B, C - Ethnographic Field Work (prereq: C/I; 217A recommended; restricted to graduate Sociology

Note: 2l6A, 211A, 214A, 215A, 217A & 218A are in-progress graded; credit only upon completion of B portion of course.

SOCIAL WELFARE 286A, B, C - Survey of Research Methods (prereq: doctoral standing and/or C/I)

D. Demographic Methods

SOCIOLOGY 213A - Introduction to Demographic Methods (same as BiostatisticsM208 and Community Health ScienceM208)
213B - Applied Event History Analysis (same as StatisticsM213; prereq: 210A, 210B)
(prereq: SOC 210A or equiv.)
240 - Mathematics of Population
(prereq: prior knowledge of matrices, calculus & probability theory)

* equivalent to UP 220B
C/I = consent of instructor
*** When courses are multiple-listed, students are advised to enroll under the UP number so that a permission-to-enroll slip is not required.