Ph.D. Profile: Revel Sims


Ph.D. Profile: Revel Sims

MS Urban Planning, University of California Los Angeles
BA History, University of California Los Angeles


My current research approaches the dynamic of urban change through the lens of gentrification.  Through this perspective, I attempt to uncover the way in which urban change occurs with special attention to what I believe is one of its most critical aspects in the contemporary period of urbanization, the process of displacement.  My dissertation, “It was like dancing on a grave”: Eviction and Displacement in Los Angeles 1994 to 1999, focuses in on this dynamic by challenging many of the existing methodologies and conceptions used in displacement research.  Through a spatial and historical analysis of over 70,000 georeferenced eviction cases and gentrification related property and demographic variables during the critical decade of the 1990s, the work draws attention to the role that property owners, financial institutions and the state perform in the process of gentrification and urban displacement more generally. 

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Revel Sims
UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Urban Planning PhD Candidate