Undergraduate Programs


Undergraduate Programs

The UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs offers undergraduate minor programs in Public Affairs, Gerontology, and in Urban and Regional Studies.  Each program offers an excellent interdisciplinary focus on problem-solving, analysis, and serves as an entry point to further graduate studies in law, policy, planning, and social welfare.  Undergraduate students in the minor programs gain insight into current issues such as crime and drugs, the environment, labor policies, national security, and policy issues related to the State of California.

Minor in Public Affairs

Applied public policy is an increasingly important element of any modern education. The Minor in Public Affairs complements a liberal arts or science major through a systematic examination of a broad range of public policy issues, mainly through the analysis of specific social, political and economic problems addressed by each of the three departments in the School of Public Affairs: Social Welfare, Urban Planning, and Public Policy. The underlying questions examined in our classes range from how to design cities to reduce traffic problems, to the complexities of the legislative process, to the problems and challenges of eldercare, among many others.

The Public Affairs Minor requires the completion of seven (4 unit) classes. As shown in more detail below, the requirements for the minor have four parts meant to be taken in more or less this order:

    1.    An introductory course in public policy (Public Policy 10A)
    2.    an applied course focused on a specific policy issue,
    3.    4 upper division electives, and
    4.    a final “capstone” seminar.

While the minor draws on all three departments, students are encouraged to use the 4 electives to “specialize” in one of these departments.

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Contact the counselor for undergraduate minors, Stan Paul, 310-206-8966, paul@publicaffairs.ucla.edu.