Topic “Business and the Environment”

Business and the Environment

Supporting the dissemination of clean technologies and the greening of other sectors.

The Luskin Center's Business and Environment initiative builds bridges between academia, the private sector, government, and non-profit organizations to help reduce the negative externalities of business, advance environmental justice, conserve resources for a sustainable future, and strengthen the clean technology sector in Los Angeles. The work supports the Los Angeles Mayor's Office and other members of Cleantech LA in the goal to establish Los Angeles as a global leader in clean technologies. Research topics include eco-labeling, corporate environmental performance, clean technology company profiles, policy and other economic development strategies to spur cleantech development and support efficient deployment of green technologies, and consumer responses to information concerning the environmental impacts of various products.


April 01, 2016

New Luskin Center study shows low-income California households are benefiting under the landmark climate program

March 14, 2016

Interdisciplinary research team at UCLA discovers a game-changing technology to capture and repurpose carbon dioxide