Topic “Complete Streets”

Complete Streets

Paving the way for complete, living streets that create vibrant, productive and sustainable communities.

The UCLA Complete Streets Initiative is a Luskin School of Public Affairs-wide program working to achieve more livable and complete streets for people in the Los Angeles region. Complete streets enable people to travel safely regardless of their transportation mode, ability or age. The Initiative expands beyond complete streets to also encompass living streets concepts in street design in areas such as, street-water management, landscaping and fostering vibrant economic development.  The program advances complete streets through 1) creating decision support tools for community stakeholders and civic partners, 2) promoting education opportunities, and 3) public outreach and research. Our approach is cross-disciplinary, requiring input from academics and professionals within urban planning, public health, architecture, engineering, safety and economic development, among others. The Complete Streets Initiative is supported by the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, the Luskin Center for Innovation and the Dean’s Office of the Luskin School of Public Affairs. For more information, please go to Complete Streets.