UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News


March 04, 2013
Leaders from three of America's largest cities shared ideas for improving education at a panel moderated by UCLA Luskin Dean Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. last week. 
March 01, 2013
If city leaders clearly articulate a vision and pursue it in ways that rely on constant public engagement, transformational change is possible.


February 20, 2013
In the years just before and during the Great Recession, long-range moves declined but there was a jump in moving locally, according to a research brief by Michael A. Stoll, chair of the Department of Public Policy. 
February 15, 2013
Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis has been teaching at UCLA since 1991. In our ongoing "The Art of Leadership" series, Dukakis speaks about leadership today, who he admired as a leader when he was younger and developing the leaders of tomorrow.For more on leadership at UCLA Luskin, please visit our initiative page, titled "Developing Tomorrow's Leaders" or get involved with our "Leadership Training Programs."
February 13, 2013
Last week the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs brought current students and alumni together from all three of its departments – Public Policy, Social Welfare and Urban Planning – for its first-ever Career Networking Night.The purpose of the event was to connect current students with successful Luskin alums as a way to set up networks in the immediate future, and of course, post-graduation. Outside of Luskin's own online network – Luskin Online – this was the next best thing to bring fellow Luskin members together.
February 11, 2013
Each year the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs holds City Hall Day where graduate students in Public Policy, Social Welfare and Urban Planning unite to tackle one of Los Angeles' pressing issues.This is the ninth consecutive year the program has taken place and the topic was transportation funding in L.A. Previous topics have included homelessness, housing, job creation and bringing the NFL to L.A. 
February 11, 2013
The recent failure of L.A.'s recent Measure J, which would have extended the half-cent sales tax approved in 2008 as Measure R for an additional 30 years, leaves open the question: What is the future of transportation funding in Los Angeles?
February 01, 2013
Michael Fleming teaches "Nonprofit Sector, State & Civil Society" at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Fleming's class is listed across all three departments -- Public Policy, Social Welfare and Urban Planning.In this segment of "UCLA Luskin: Did You Know?" we dig into the ways this class can help students think more creatively about the role of philanthropic organizations in today's civil society. 


January 31, 2013
"Do not email potential employers bragging about your unparalleled skills and warn them on a missed opportunity. Be confident and describe how you would be a good fit with the position and organization. Above all, grow your network!" This may sound like common sense, but the panelists at the Environment and Clean Technology career panel discussion, held earlier this week at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, said they were surprised the advice is not followed more often.
January 29, 2013
On Monday night, UCLA played host to the Los Angeles Mayoral Debate, which was broadcast live on NBC4 and KPCC-FM.