UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News


January 27, 2011
Todd Franke, UCLA associate professor of social welfare, has been awarded a $1 million contract to research and evaluate the effectiveness of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). 
January 19, 2011
On Jan. 13, James C. (Buddy) Howell spoke at UCLA as part of "GANGS: Strategies to Break the Cycle of Violence," a 2010-2011 speaker series at the UCLA School of Public Affairs. The series addresses gang issues—both in Los Angeles and on a national scale—with special focus on current knowledge of gang operations, intervention strategies, effective support services and policy recommendations.


November 18, 2010
Civil rights attorney and gang intervention strategist Connie Rice doesn’t mince words to describe her philosophy on social change and crime prevention, “I expect action,” she told the crowd of nearly 150 students, faculty, and visitors at UCLA, “and if I don’t get action, I’ll sue you.”
November 17, 2010
by Brian Wren, MSW '10When I was in my second year of social work school, I was placed at a local Los Angeles hospital. In November 2009, I rotated onto the respiratory intensive care unit located in the brand new critical care tower. The ICUs in the tower were truly the peak of medical care: they had all of the best medical equipment money could buy, a roster of the best specialty doctors in the city, and a staff of nurses that was exquisitely trained in every aspect of care. All of which were stymied by a patient named Charles.
November 05, 2010
By Bridget Freisthler, Ph.D. and Nancy J. Williams, MSWOften, the research carried out on social welfare problems does not seem to affect what actually takes place in practice.  Research seems inaccessible to practitioners; studies are designed and findings interpreted without input from those working in the field. In the case of this study, however, we have been able to use recent research findings combined with practice experience to help understand the findings and suggest clear and practical recommendations for the field.
November 04, 2010
With their growing influence on policy Asian Americans are now key players in electoral politics and voting behavior. Important questions regarding decisions by minority groups such as Asians have sprung into the mind of those fomulating public opinion.  Are they influential? Do they tend to vote as liberals or conservatives? What is their polling turnout compared to other groups? Voice of America recently asked these questions to Professor Paul Ong to guage the seemily equal influence of Asian American voters.
November 04, 2010
Education for incarcerated youth is largely a neglected issue, as social concerns have dismissed these juveniles to be too difficult to teach. Washington D.C's New Beginning Youth Development Center's Maya Angelou Academy, a charter school within a juvenile lock down facility, decided to educate youth through a diverse curriculum and supportive environment. By doing so, the facility turned around the lives of youth and came out with positive results.


October 29, 2010
Fernando Torres-Gil, professor of social welfare and public policy, was honored on October 27, 2010 by Angeles Plaza City View during the organization's 30th anniversary celebration.  Opened in 1980, Angelus Plaza is the largest affordable housing community for older adults in the nation.
October 26, 2010
A new study in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, “A Spatial Analysis of Risks and Resources for Reentry Youth in Los Angeles County” by assistant professor Bridget Freisthler, and associate professor Laura Abrams, both of Social Welfare Department, measures the rate of juvenile offenders released into each of Los Angeles County's 272 ZIP codes and examines specific neighborhood-level factors that could play a significant role in their reintegration or recidivism. 
October 26, 2010
THE MSW Diversity Caucus is hosting its annual Diversity Fair on November 13, 2010. The event, organized by students and hosted with Department of Social Welfare faculty and staff, is one of the department's outreach events to attract talented potential social workers from many different backgrounds into the profession.