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UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News


April 01, 2016
By George Foulsham Low-income Californians feel the pinch when gasoline, electricity and natural gas prices increase. And it’s logical to think that the state’s Cap-and-Trade program might add to those expenses. But this program is generating billions of dollars to provide an array of benefits to Californians, especially those living in disadvantaged communities.


March 14, 2016
  By George Foulsham Imagine a world with little or no concrete. Would that even be possible? After all, concrete is everywhere — on our roads, our driveways, in our homes, bridges and buildings. For the past 200 years, it’s been the very foundation of much of our planet.


July 28, 2014
White House Says New Clean Energy Maps Answer Call to Unleash Data, Build Climate Resiliency  UCLA-EDF Identify Major Opportunities to Curb Climate Pollution, Spur Thousands of Clean Energy Jobs in Los Angeles County 


November 07, 2012
California voters have approved Proposition 39: the California Clean Energy Jobs Act and its implementation will be supported by Luskin Center research. The Luskin Center partnered with the Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) Institute to evaluate program design options for Prop 39 funds and other efforts to spur energy efficiency and local renewable energy investments in California.


May 29, 2013
We are pleased to share with you the Luskin Center’s annual newsletter, IMPACT. Now in its fifth year, the Luskin Center is undergoing exciting growth. We have formed new research partnerships, informed policies, and received several awards for our research products. We could not have done any of it without you and our other collaborators.


January 04, 2013
 Every day, more and more plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) can be spotted on the roads of Southern California. High gasoline prices, state zero emission vehicle programs, federal fuel economy and vehicle emissions standards, improved battery technology, and concerns over climate change and energy security have created a growing market for PEVs.


August 06, 2012
J.R. DeShazo, Director of the Luskin Center and Associate Professor of  Public Policy, has joined the LA Metro Blue Ribbon Committee Blue Ribbon Committee. DeShazo, nominated for his expertise on renewable and energy planning issues in Southern California, joined Metro CEO Art Leahy,  the CEOs of Edison International and Sempra Energy and the general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, among other leaders, at their inaugural meeting on July 31st.  
August 03, 2010
With the November elections steadily approaching, Proposition 23 seeks to kill California's cap-and-trade system set to take hold in 2011. The proposition will directly undo the cap-and-trade plans for environmental sustainability in California as a means of seeking economic growth. Known as Assembly Bill 32 ("AB 32"), the plan will now face tough opposition from Proposition 23 and its backers, which include the oil industry.
August 02, 2010
Luskin Scholar Matthew Kahn’s study─ showing how energy conservation incentives can sometimes ironically lead to greater consumption─ caught the attention of a range of mainstream media outlets. "Nudges Gone Wrong" was a typical headline about it. Most recently, his study was featured on the American Public Media radio program Marketplace. The “Marketplace” story describes how Dr. Kahn and Dr. Dora Costa analyzed a group of utility customers who were getting regular notices from their power company comparing their energy use with similar households.