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UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News


December 09, 2013
Marian Wright Edelman, who delivered a stirring speech and call to action during her Luskin Lecture Series event, focuses on a topic that is important to the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: leadership.The video series features some of the nation's foremost leaders and captures their thoughts on the importance of leadership. Edelman speaks about the characteristics needed from leaders, who influenced her and what advice she'd give to her younger self.
December 06, 2013
By Max WynnUCLA Luskin Student Writer Marian Wright Edelman, the second speaker in the 2013-14 UCLA Luskin Lecture Series, delivered a stirring call to action to the community members, city leaders, educators and students who had gathered to hear her speak on Wednesday.


November 25, 2013
For the second straight year the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs led all university teams in fundraising for the United Way's HomeWalk this past weekend in downtown Los Angeles.The Luskin School raised over $12,000 for the annual event, which aims to end homelessness in LA. As a group, Team UCLA Luskin was in the top-10 of group fundraisers as the HomeWalk event raised close to $425,000.
November 14, 2013
Former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department William J. Bratton is our latest in the series, "The Art of Leadership."  
November 12, 2013
   After 20 years in existence, Critical Planning, the graduate student-run journal of the UCLA Urban Planning Department, has updated its mission statement. The journal began in 1993 as a forum for the urban studies and planning communities to debate current issues, showcase emerging research, and propose new ideas concerning cities and regions. But, as cities and planning have continued to evolve, so has the mission of the journal. In recognition of this, we have created the following mission statement:
November 12, 2013
By Max WynnUCLA Luskin Student Writer  Former Los Angeles police chief William J. Bratton kicked off the new academic year's UCLA Luskin Lecture Series last week with a speech that highlighted the ability of the police to be a force for positive social change. 


October 31, 2013
 By Adeney ZoUCLA Luskin Student Writer “It all started with one conversation,” explained Wendy Greuel, former Los Angeles City Controller, proud UCLA graduate and founder of the UCLA Luskin School's annual City Hall Day.
October 28, 2013
Did You Know? ...William Martin, a career diplomat with the U.S. Department of State, is currently one of 17 Diplomats in Residence at universities across the U.S., with a posting at UCLA Luskin.In this video feature, we look at Martin's role here at UCLA Luskin and his insight into his previous appointments and experiences. To see all of our Did You Know? videos, please visit our YouTube page. 
October 25, 2013
The UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has made it even easier for everyone to stay up-to-date with all the happenings by releasing its first smartphone app. The app can be downloaded for free in both the Apple and Google Play stores.Click here to download the app in the Apple Store.
October 24, 2013
In the heady years before the Great Recession, did cities and municipalities get carried away with boomtime spending? Once the downturn hit, how prepared were local governments to face suddenly pressing needs in their communities?