UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs News


July 10, 2012
UCLA Luskin public policy student Jennifer Larr and dean Franklin Gilliam, Jr., were featured in a report on NPR's "Morning Edition" about the rise of a new generation of young Americans. Dubbed the "first globals" by pollster John Zogby, Larr and her fellow students at UCLA Luskin and elsewhere are more likely than previous generations to study abroad, volunteer in international service organizations, build personal social networks that span the globe, and live a more "globally minded" life, NPR reported.
July 05, 2012
ACCESS magazine, a publication of the UC Transportation Center, released its 40th issue at the beginning of July. The magazine, edited by urban planning professor Donald Shoup, covers current issues in transportation policy and practice in a style designed for the general reader. 


June 27, 2012
Ph.D./MSW candidate Sara Pilgreen is blogging from South Africa this summer, where she is living and working as an intern at the City of Johannesburg.After earning her bachelor's degree at the University of Hawaii, Hilo, Sara served as a Peace Corps volunteer on the island nation of Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. She returned stateside to complete her M.A. at Teachers College, Columbia University. During her graduate studies at UCLA Luskin she interned at The Village, an agency serving mentally ill homeless adults in Long Beach.
June 22, 2012
For a Comprehensive Capstone Project, twelve UCLA Luskin Urban Planning graduate students spent two quarters under the instruction of Goetz Wolff researching the manufacturing landscape of Los Angeles, developing case studies on efforts in other cities and exploring policy areas — such as land use, workforce development, and government procurement — where changes are essential to ensuring a thriving, high-road manufacturing sector in the region. The students presented their research at USC on June 14.
June 19, 2012
Urban Planning Distinguished Professor Donald Shoup has been named an Honorary Professor of the Beijing Transportation Research Center. Shoup was presented with his certificate during a visit to China in May.  This connection between UCLA's Department of Urban Planning and the Beijing Transportation Research Center will enable students at UCLA to use the Center's extraordinary wealth of data and expertise to conduct research on transportation in China.
June 19, 2012
 MURP student Eric Agar has received the 2012 Graduate Students Association Jeffrey L. Hanson Distinguished Service Award.
June 11, 2012
Public policy professors Mark A.R. Kleiman and Mark Peterson took part in a panel discussion sponsored by Zócalo Public Square on the lasting influence of James Q. Wilson on crime prevention and community development.
June 06, 2012
A common perception that medical marijuana dispensaries boost the crime rate in areas where they exist may not stand up to scrutiny, according to a recent study by UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs researchers.


May 31, 2012
Jonathan Fielding, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health and a professor in the Schools of Public Health and Medicine at UCLA, discussed policy approaches to improve public health in a UCLA Luskin lecture Thursday. 
May 31, 2012
Public policy professor Mark A.R. Kleiman contributed to a debate hosted on The New York Times' website regarding drug control policy in South America.