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Soft City: Information Industries and Regional GrowthN/AUnknown2003ThesisN/ADownload
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Information Technology: Patterns of Industrial Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 1988-1997N/AUnknown2004ThesisN/ADownload
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The Public Costs of Slum Housing in Los Angeles: A Case Study of the Morrison HotelN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
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Dollars to Pesos: US to Mexico Remittance FlowsN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
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Wage, Labor and Safety Conditions in the California Car Wash IndustryN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Trading Spaces: Parking Reform in Neighborhood Commercial DistrictsN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
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Job Implications in Los Angeles' Green Building SectorN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
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Examining Gentrification and Building a Framework for Equitable Development Policy in Los Angeles' Asian Pacific American Ethnic EnclavesN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
Thinking Regionally and Acting Regionally: An Examination of the Process of Regional Planning in San DiegoN/AUnknown2006ThesisN/ADownload
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