Mayoral candidate Kevin de León stands in front of his campaign staff while pointing and speaking into a microphone

Diaz on De León’s Mayoral Campaign

Sonja Diaz, director of the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative, spoke to the Los Angeles Times about L.A. City Councilman Kevin de León’s campaign for mayor. De León, who was the first Latino ever to lead the state Senate, is currently running in third place behind front-runners Rick Caruso and Karen Bass. “With his legislative record and working-class immigrant success story, De León would be leading the race if he were spending like Caruso,” Diaz said. “His policy acumen is bar none … whether it’s climate change, pension reform or immigrant rights.” While Caruso has spent nearly $30 million on his campaign so far, De León has spent about $2 million. Despite his limited funding, De León is continuing to fight to be in the two-person general election runoff. To increase his chances, De León’s campaign will be pushing to get a large Latino turnout for the June 7 primary. 

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