Kaplan to Advise CDC on Prevention of Violence and Injuries

The Social Welfare professor is named to the Board of Scientific Counselors, a panel of experts that will guide the federal government's efforts to improve public health.

In Wake of Recent Celebrity Suicides, Kaplan Appears on Radio Panel

Professor of Social Welfare Mark S. Kaplan joined other experts…

Suicides by Drugs in U.S. Are Undercounted, Study Suggests

Report co-authored by UCLA Luskin's Mark Kaplan finds that a gap between rates of drug suicides and 'accidental' drug deaths may be due to misclassification

UCLA Luskin Is Well Represented at SSWR Conference

UCLA Luskin faculty, students and recent graduates will be making presentations about topics of interest and recent research at gathering in Washington D.C.

Mark S. Kaplan

Mark S. Kaplan, Dr.P.H., is professor of Social Welfare at the…