Paloma Giottonini

Paloma Giottonini

Lecturer in Urban Planning


PhD, Urban Planning, UCLA
MUEP, Urban and Environmental Planning, Arizona State University

Areas of Interest:

Energy Efficiency Policy, Housing, Urban Studies, Urban Sustainability


Office Location:

5385 Public Affairs Building

Paloma Giottonini is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the UCLA Luskin Latin American Cities Initiative, and an instructor in the Department of Urban Planning and the Institute of the Environment at UCLA.

Dr. Giottonini’s research analyzes energy efficiency policy and housing equity under the lens of urban sustainability. She specializes in policy and program evaluation, and has published on the relevance and success rates of other urban policies such as the Urban Containment Perimeters in Mexico. She is currently examining the practice of urban planning in Mexican cities.

Dr. Giottonini earned her doctorate in Urban Planning from University of California Los Angeles. She holds a Master in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University, and a degree in Architecture from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM, Mexico).