California Policy Options 2006

The purpose of California Policy Options is to collect and publish annually fresh UCLA research on public policy issues facing California. This 2006 edition of California Policy Options, which includes a range of policy topics as diverse as ballot-box budgeting, domestic partnerships, and economic development at Redondo Beach, is a snapshot that captures the breadth, range, and depth of our research.

The California Policy Options report of the UCLA School of Public Affairs has built on its legacy as an outgrowth of the annual UCLA Anderson Forecast. Now produced in conjunction with the Ralph and Goldy Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies, it has become a trusted source of thoughtful research and analysis on policy issues affecting the state of California.

Table of Contents 



One: The California Economic Outlook 

Two: Standing in Front of the California Ballot-Box Train: The Present and Past of Ballot-Box Budgeting 

Three: Should California Adopt an Earned Income Tax Credit? 

Four: Evaluating Reforms in the Implementation of Hazardous Waste Policies in California 

Five: California’s Adoption of Strong Domestic Partnership Legislation for Same-Sex Couples 

Six: Structuring Inequality: How California Selectively Tests, Classifies, and Tracks Language Minority Students 

Seven: Southern California Survey 

Eight: Heart of the City: Development at Redondo Beach 

Authors’ Biographies 


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