California Policy Options 2010

The Ralph and Goldy Lewis Center’s California Policy Options offers an unflinching assessment of the measures the State has undertaken to address its fiscal, environmental, transportation, and planning issues; the ramifications of the programs and legislation that have been implemented; and alternative proposals that could prove to be viable solutions to California’s policy and plannign problems.

Addressing the interrelated challenges in transportation, housing, land use, legislation, resource allocation, energy, and policy with the ubiquitous budget challenges, this annual volume exemplifies the strength of the UCLA School of Public Affairs as a nexus of thought-provoking new ideas that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Many thanks go to Professor Daniel J. B. Mitchell for editing a volume that is both timely and provocative, giving a broad persepctive on the historical policy decisions that led to our current situation, and innovative persepectives on building a sustainable future for all Californians.

Download the Publication Here