CALWORKS Sanction Patterns in Four Counties: A Technical Analysis

This technical report is part of a study commissioned and funded by the Welfare Policy
Research Project (WPRP, a program administered by the California Policy Research
Center, University of California, Office of the President). Additional funds were provided
by the Ralph and Goldy Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies at UCLA; UCLA’s
School of Public Affairs; and the UC Office of the President. We are indebted to Paul
Smilanick, Leslie Raderman, and Everett Haslett of the California Department of Social
Services for their assistance in accessing state employment and earnings data, and to
those with the welfare agencies in the four participating counties who facilitated access to
and provided assistance with welfare administrative data for this project. We also thank
the WPRP staff and numerous colleagues who provided valuable comments and
suggestions, and Lucy Tran and Al Averbach for helping prepare this report. We alone
are responsible for all interpretations and any errors.

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