Jobs and Economic Development in Minority Communities

by Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris and Paul Ong (editors).
Temple University Press.

Over the past four decades, the forces of economic restructuring, globalization, and suburbanization, coupled with changes in social policies have dimmed hopes for revitalizing minority neighborhoods in the U.S. Community economic development offers a possible way to improve economic and employment opportunities in minority communities. In this authoritative collection of original essays, contributors evaluate current programs and their prospects for future success. Using case studies that consider communities of African-Americans, Latinos, Asian immigrants, and Native Americans, the book is organized around four broad topics. “The Context” explores the larger demographic, economic, social, and physical forces at work in the marginalization of minority communities. “Labor Market Development” discusses the factors that shape supply and demand and examines policies and strategies for workforce development. “Business Development” focuses on opportunities and obstacles for minority-owned businesses . “Complementary Strategies” probes the connections between varied economic development strategies, including the necessity of affordable housing and social services.

Paperback: $79.50 ISBN: 1592134106

Release Date: July 2006