Parking by Design

 The City of West Hollywood has ten preferential parking districts. District 1, which is composed mainly of owner-occupied, single-family homes surrounded by small businesses, is one of three districts in the City that have restrictions 24 hours a day and has permits for both residents and commercial users. Since most small businesses in the District have few or no off-street parking spaces, they are allowed to buy permits to park on the residential streets. Residents resent the commercial users and complain of the “blight” the parked cars create. They are also annoyed by the restrictions that generally relegate residents to one side of the street. Commercial users fear the elimination of the commercial permit program and do not wish to be forced into using one of the high-priced, nearby garages. The City currently receives complaints from residents and expends considerable resources explaining the complex regulations to residents, businesses, and enforcement officers. To address the concerns of all parties and to improve the balance of parking in the District, the paper provides five key recommendations and benefits of enacting these recommendations.

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