Rethinking Los Angeles

Los Angeles may be the prototype – for good or ill – of our collective urban future, yet it is probably the least understood city in the United States. Few people have an accurate understanding of what the region is, who lives in it and what happens there.

This collection of essays brings together important voices – of experts, of community leaders, artists, poets – to dispel the myths about southern California, and to begin the process of rethinking LA. It explores the multiple meanings of the city, bringing together theory and reality in a new vision of urban life. This book breaks through the traditional boundaries of urban analysis, revealing the many faces and distinctive soul of an emerging world megacity. In a city known for creativity and the business of dramatic presentation, the book sets the stage for understanding cities of the 21st century.



Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks. October 1996. 

Hardcover     $76.00     ISBN:0803972865 

Paperback    $37.00     ISBN:0803972873