Title The State of Asian Pacific America – Transforming Race Relations: A Public Policy Report

As America enters a new millenium, we are still struggling with how to achieve racial justice. Effective solutions for solving the “race problem” must come from an understanding of new and emerging realities. Asian Pacific Americans are a driving force behind the transformation, and this editied volume examines their impact on racial concepts, race relations and race-related policies. 

This project assembles a multi-disciplinary team of nationally renowned researchers and scholars to examine racial attitudes and opinions, the historical and political construction of racial categoroes, hate crimes, affirmative action, residential segregation and integration, and the responsiveness of human rights agencies. The authors document how racial identity is created and embodied in individual attitudes and institutional practices and argue for policies that go beyond the black-white paradigm. The findings show that Asian Pacific Americans occupy a unique position in a complex racial hierarchy. To broaden our perspective, this volume also looks at the experiences of Asians in the United Kingdom and Australia, revealing alternative policy frameworks that emphasize integration and multiculturalism. 

Solving the race problem in the United States will require restructuring existing institutions and developing new ones in which Asian Pacific Americans can and must play a major role in generating new possibilities.

A joint publication of LEAP Asian Pacific American Public Policy Institute and the UCLA Asian American Studies Center.


LEAP Publications, Los Angeles. 2000

Paperback – $20.00     ISBN: 0-934052-33-6