Public Policy Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Alumna of the Year Honored

Jaime Nack ’02 recognized for entrepreneurship, leadership and impact at UCLA and beyond

Immersed in the Real World

The yearlong Applied Policy Project puts MPP candidates on the front lines to grapple with issues close to home and far afield

Hot Weather Lowers Students’ Ability to Learn, New Study Finds

UCLA Luskin scholar Jisung Park documents the negative effects of warm temperatures on educational performance

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The Art of Shaping Opinion: Lessons From Three Experts

Visiting Public Policy faculty draw on rich life experiences to share their wisdom about influence, advocacy and persuasion with UCLA Luskin’s future leaders

Shackling the Leviathan

Balancing the citizenry’s wants with the state’s needs is critical for a successful society, says 2018 Perloff lecturer Daron Acemoglu