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For more information, contact the Event Manager at

Can the department/dean/school pay for my event?

Student organizations are expected to budget for and fund their own events. There are some instances in which additional funding may be provided. Your home department should be consulted first if your event is beyond your organization’s budgetary means.

How do I reserve a room?

For general classrooms or conference rooms, request specific room(s) in person or via e- mail from the department admin staff located in the 3rd floor departmental offices. Be prepared with alternate dates, times, and locations (no more than 5 at a time). Note: Luskin departmental staff cannot immediately reserve general assignment classrooms (first floor, second floor- excluding 2343 and 2355). Please allow a week for room confirmation of general assignment rooms.

To reserve the School Commons, Patio, Terrace, make the request in person or via- email to the Events Manager located in the Dean’s office.

Email or give a completed Room Request Form to the Events Manager for review.

What caterers can we use?

Caterers must be approved UCLA vendors. Most restaurants in Westwood are approved vendors. If there is a vendor you like that but are not sure if it is approved, please contact the Events Manager. New vendors may always be added. UCLA approved vendors are open to the PO and LVO system. A list has been provided to all student organizations of potential caterers.

How is the catering paid for?

Organizations are responsible for the entirety of their events, including catering. There are instances in which your department is open to being reimbursed or they will cover a number of the costs for you. If your department will fund your catering, then you will work with them in placing the order and your department will pay for it.

Do you have swag we can give to our panelists?

Please contact your home department regarding obtaining SWAG for your events and submit a completed “Additional Resource Request Form.”

What is an FSR?

An FSR is just an acronym for “Facilities Service Request”. FSRs need to be created when your room/facility needs go beyond what the Luskin School can support or provide. ALL of these FSRs come at a cost, but are also intended to protect the space for all students. We have had consistent issues with pests, complaints from students and faculty and the University. This is the best way to address these issues. UCLA Facilities will fulfill these requests.

Can you forward this invitation/flyer to faculty/students/staff? Can you send this invitation to <add list of constituents here>?
Once your flyer/invitation is approved, it will be added to the screen rotation (if requested), but it will not automatically be sent to faculty/students/staff. Please submit your approved flyer to your SAO to distribute to your department. You may also fill out the “Additional Resource Request Form” for further support.

Can the School provide lists of donors and alumni to invite? Can you provide a contact list of alumni (aka guests) for us to use?
No, but you can provide the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations ( with information about your event and it may be included in the alumni newsletters that are distributed.

When is my event a Luskin-sanctioned event?

Your event is Luskin-sanctioned when it is partnered with a department or the Dean’s office. This means the department or dean is part of the dialogue in programming and funding.

Can you help with a press release/coverage?

We are unable to support all requests, but you may fill out an “Additional Resource Request Form” and we will do our best to support your organization’s needs.

Can you take photos/video of our event?

Coverage of your event is at the discretion of Luskin Communications, but they do need to know of your event. Be sure to have your flyer approved as it will be forwarded to Communications. You are responsible for any additional photos or video. There may be video and photo resources available for rental.

Can we livestream the event?

We are currently not equipped to livestream your events. There are outside vendors that can provide this service if desired, but it can be costly. Please contact the Events Manager if you are interested in this.

If the event was videoed, where can I find/watch the video?

The vendor or the sponsoring organization will provide links if video is available.

Can you help us with an invitation? Can you help us with a flyer?

Templates have been provided to all organizations for flyers/invitations.

Can you provide staff support?

The Events Manager and department admin can provide consultation support for your events. You are responsible for staffing your own events. When faculty/staff representatives are required, you must reach out and secure their attendance.

Can you get speakers/panelists?

You are responsible for contacting and securing your own speakers and panelists. There are several faculty and staff who may be able to provide insight or suggestions, but you are responsible for the entirety of your event. Additional support by faculty and staff is at their own discretion.

Can we have alcohol?

Yes, but it is limited to beer and wine. You must have a bartender and adhere to all guidelines and policies as they relate to alcohol service at your event.

Can we have a microphone and speakers? Can we have background music?

Most classrooms and conference rooms are already equipped with AV capabilities. If your needs extend beyond what is provided, you may contact:

a. Luskin IT (limited inventory, free for registered student organizations)
b. UCLA AV (larger inventory, minimal cost, Audio Visual Services (B125 Campbell, 310 206-6597)
c. Auntie M (comprehensive inventory, higher cost,

Amplified sound, including background music, is permitted after 6pm.

Can we collect money for tickets?

It is recommended that you do not collect money at the door of events.
Payment prior to an event is highly encouraged. You are responsible for that process. Cash collected at the door of an event is highly discouraged. Security may need to be hired if any cash changes hands at the door.

Can I get a parking attendant and/or reserve parking spaces?

Yes, but there are costs associated with this service.

How to Arrange Courtesy Parking for Less Than 25 Vehicles

Please call Courtesy Parking at the number below at least 48 hours prior to your event. You may also make your special event and courtesy parking requests by calling the Special Events office in Parking Services below.

Parking Services: Special Events

Phone: (310) 825-1286

Courtesy Parking

Phone: (310) 825-3169