A $50-million gift from two generous UCLA alumni led to the renaming of the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs in 2011. Meyer Luskin, a Los Angeles business leader, and his wife Renee donated a total of $100 million to also fund the Luskin Conference Center, a hotel and meeting venue on campus.

Gifts at Work

Professors from the Luskin School of Public Affairs share their views on the impact of philanthropy on student opportunities.

UCLA Luskin master’s and doctoral students describe how they have been impacted by financial support, inspiring them to give back.

Why I Give

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With a career at the intersection of affordable housing and asset management, alumni donor weighs in on the importance of philanthropy in delivering on your mission. Read the interview

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Two alumni donors and partners share their thoughts about the value of a UCLA Luskin education and the way it has shaped their career trajectories. Read the interview


Master of Public Policy 2022

‘From research to policy analysis to advocacy and more, Luskin students learn how to make a real difference.’

Why do you support UCLA Luskin?
I support UCLA Luskin because it’s a premier institution for turning passionate students into leaders and change makers. From research to policy analysis to advocacy and more, Luskin students learn how to make a real difference.

Current occupation
Clean Energy Advocate, Environment California

What does Luskin mean to you?
UCLA Luskin was integral to my academic and professional development. As a proud alumnus and former Luskin employee, I appreciate all the opportunities the School has provided me.

How do you give back?
As a Public Policy alumnus, I give back to the department that gave me so much and prepared me for my career in environmental policy.

Advice for current and incoming students
Take advantage of all the opportunities Luskin has to offer, and enjoy your time to the fullest.


Master of Public Policy 1998

‘The important work that alums are leading speaks volumes.’

Why do you support UCLA Luskin?

There were just 18 of us in the first graduating class of MPPs. We each took a chance on a brand-new program, and UCLA Luskin took a chance on all of us. I believe that I received much more from the program than it did from me, so I will always be a strong supporter.

Current occupation

CEO, UCLA-UCSF ACEs Aware Family Resilience Network (UCAAN)

What does Luskin mean to you?

In the late 1990s, I had to explain what the letters “MPP” stood for and how the program I’d just completed differed from a JD or an MBA. Today, I simply say, “I have an MPP from UCLA Luskin.” The reputation of the students, faculty and course offerings precedes me, and the important work that alums are leading speaks volumes. Renee and Meyer Luskin’s names are now synonymous with excellence.

How do you give back?

I’ve volunteered at Luskin career fairs, mentored students, spoken at Luskin events and panels, and I am a frequent donor. I’m also honored to be a Senior Fellow and a founding member of the MPP Alumni Council.

Advice for current and incoming students

Luskin will offer you a quality education. This is what makes it just as good as any other well-regarded academic institution. One of the things that makes Luskin unique is that it is located within a real-life Petri dish where nearly any policy area you’re seeking to pursue exists. Take advantage not just of the academic offerings here, but also the meetings, events, exhibitions, gatherings and hidden gems that L.A. County’s 88 cities and 200+ unincorporated areas has to offer.

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Master of Social Welfare 1979

‘The Luskin School and its superb faculty help students take on the challenges of the day.’

Why do you support UCLA Luskin?
I greatly appreciated my graduate school education, which prepared me for a career in organizational and resource development.

What does Luskin mean to you?
The world and our society are ever-evolving, and the Luskin School and its superb faculty help students develop critical thinking skills and guide them to take on the challenges of the day faced by the individuals and communities they serve.

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Public Affairs Major

‘It has been such a wonderful experience to be part of this supportive and caring environment.’

Why do you support UCLA Luskin?
I support UCLA Luskin because I am a first-year transfer student into the public affairs undergraduate program. For a very long time, UCLA was my dream school. I am thrilled to be joining the UCLA community, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined joining a small, tight-knit community like Luskin within UCLA. It has been such a wonderful experience to be part of this supportive and caring environment. Within the last couple of months, Luskin has provided me with an excellent number of resources and knowledge from its distinguished faculty and staff through classes and other opportunities.

What does Luskin mean to you?
Luskin for me means a dream come true — but more than that, an opportunity to become a leader who can make a significant impact. I am passionate about serving others and hope to serve underrepresented communities and bring awareness to several issues that affect us every day. I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Luskin community and support it and its mission for years to come.


Master of Social Welfare 2007

‘I support Luskin because Luskin is investing in our future leaders.’

Why do you support UCLA Luskin?
Luskin is preparing leaders who are committed to equity, sustainability and resiliency. We are living in a very volatile environment, and it is vital to our collective future that we have strong leaders who have the ability to balance the many needs of our communities. I support Luskin because Luskin is investing in our future leaders.

Current occupation
President & CEO of the Los Angeles County Economic and Development Corporation and World Trade Center Los Angeles

What does Luskin mean to you?
To me, Luskin represents an institution that is focused on finding solutions that are fact-based and balanced in its approach.

How do you give back?
I serve on the Luskin Board of Advisors, where I volunteer my time to help support the various initiatives including the Luskin Summit. I also contribute financially on an annual basis. Lastly, I previously served as lecturer at the School of Social Welfare.

Advice for current and incoming students
Stay open-minded – there are no simple solutions to our complex societal issues. Keeping yourselves open to non-traditional ways of thinking and disruptive solutions could be the key to successful transformation of our future.


Master of Arts in Urban Planning 1982

‘We produce problem solvers with a passion for equity and justice.’

Why do you support UCLA Luskin?

When I went to Urban Planning at UCLA, there was no tuition, just a registration fee. Between a basically free education and financial support for living expenses, I was able to make it through the program with very little debt. That allowed me to focus on pursuing my passion rather than worrying about a steady, well-paying job.

What does Luskin mean to you?

The faculty, staff and students in Urban Planning saw me as someone with real solutions to urban problems. Their respect elevated me, and I learned to see myself as a problem solver and an advocate. This is the culture that prevails in the department to this day. We produce and support problem solvers with a passion for equity and justice.

How do you give back?

While students have a much heavier financial burden studying at UCLA now, I hope to alleviate a little bit of that burden through my annual donation, by freeing a student to work in a summer internship that best fits their ambition in equity or justice. Life is hard in the 21st century, but together we can make a difference in a student’s life and in the community they wish to support and enhance.

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Master of Urban and Regional Planning 2016

‘The cost of higher education is becoming more and more of a barrier for students.’

Why do you support UCLA Luskin?
The cost of higher education is becoming more and more of a barrier for students. Alumni giving is one way to help defray costs either via scholarships or providing additional funds for other school priorities.

Current occupation
Senior Planning Deputy for Los Angeles City Councilwoman Katy Yaroslavsky, Fifth District

What does Luskin mean to you?
The academic program at Luskin was top-notch. I enjoyed being able to sample the broad range of classes that were offered, but the real benefit of my Luskin education was the connections with the wonderful group of people that the school brings together — the students, faculty and staff, many of whom I’m still close with today.

How do you give back?
I give financially and attend alumni events when I can, but I most enjoy connecting with incoming or new students and talking to them about the impact they hope to have. This year, I hope to be a client for a group of students for a capstone project about the lease-up process for affordable units in mixed-income housing projects.

Advice for current and incoming students
My advice is to take a broad swath of classes within all the Luskin departments, but also at other schools. Also, get off campus as much as possible for work and for fun.

Impact of Your Gift

Your support makes it possible for Luskin students to gain a lifelong professional network of peers and mentors who shape their career paths while they reshape the world. Many of our students aspire to professional lives – at home and abroad – in which they will work to improve quality of life and access to services and resources. Philanthropy helps students further their education and their reach by attending professional conferences, sharing broadly, and gaining valuable experience in high-level fellowships and internships.

In addition, when you support UCLA Luskin faculty through research funding and named faculty chairs, you help bring the most highly regarded and sought-after educators to the school to engage in work and research and to inspire and train our students. What they achieve together is called progress, and it helps people everywhere.

To make a gift or to learn more about UCLA Luskin Funding opportunities, please contact:

Ricardo Quintero
Director of Development
(310) 357-3140

How to Give

You may choose from a number of options for making your gift. Learn more about ways to make a donation that works best for you.

Online: You can make a new gift online by clicking here, or make a payment on an existing pledge by visiting the pledge pay portal and selecting “payment on an existing pledge.”

Mail: For questions regarding checks payable and fund designation please call 310-206-5479 or email advancement@luskin.ucla.edu.

Phone: If you want to speak directly with us about what you would like to accomplish with your philanthropy to UCLA Luskin, you can reach us at 310-206-5479.

Wire Transfers: Wiring instructions for cash gifts can be found here.

Appreciated Stock: UCLA Luskin welcomes gifts of appreciated stock. You can download the appreciated stock giving form here. If you have questions, please call 310-794-3333.


All gifts to the UCLA School of Public Affairs are fully tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes, and subject to any limitations placed on charitable gifts. Go here for other fund disclosures and information on donor privacy.

For UCLA tax I.D. numbers, tax exemption letters, and other frequently requested documents, please visit the UCLA Donor Toolkit.

Planned Giving

Bequests and Planned Gifts: Legacy gifts have resulted in some of the School’s most generous and far-reaching gifts. Your planned gift will ensure academic excellence and access for generations to come. Your gift can also provide financial and tax benefits for you, your heirs, and others you care about.

Many individuals who could not otherwise make a major gift find they are able to do so with a carefully planned gift, thereby fulfilling their philanthropic goals for the School.

Planned gifts include:

  • Bequests
  • Pooled Income Funds
  • Gift Annuities
  • Charitable trusts
  • Gifts of property or real estate

Whatever your age, you can make a substantial contribution to the UCLA School of Public Affairs through a planned gift and satisfy your personal tax and longterm financial goals at the same time.

Learn More: UCLA has extensive planned giving resources, dedicated staff, and in-house attorneys available to answer your questions, on a confidential basis and without charge or obligation. To learn more you are welcome to contact the university Planned Giving Office directly.

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Vishal Hira
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