At the convergence of the fields of social work, urban planning and policymaking, the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs identifies and develops emerging areas of research and teaching, cultivating leaders and change agents who advance solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

Founded in 1994, UCLA Luskin incorporates the best practices in scholarship, research and teaching in the fields of social work, urban and regional planning, and policymaking. The unique intersection of these disciplines within one school allows for academic cross-collaboration and a rich education that values diverse perspectives at the macro- and micro- organizational levels. Graduates of the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs are well prepared to take leadership roles and effect change as practitioners, researchers and policymakers in the public, private and non-governmental sectors.

Faculty of the Luskin School of Public Affairs are actively engaged in research that addresses pressing national and regional issues including immigration, drug policy, prison reform, health care financing, transportation and the environment, national security, economic development, and an aging U.S. and world population. The School is named after Meyer and Renee Luskin—UCLA alumni, Angelenos and philanthropists—who generously gave a $100 million gift to UCLA, half of which funded endowments in the School of Public Affairs. On March 18, 2011, the School was officially named the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs.

Quick Facts

Master’s degrees in Public Policy, Social Welfare, and Urban and Regional Planning.

Doctoral programs in Social Welfare and Urban Planning.

Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs.

Undergraduate minors in Public Affairs, Gerontology, and Urban and Regional Studies.

Student body: 1,190 students

  • 163 Public Policy students
  • 250 Social Welfare students (38 Ph.D.)
  • 182 Urban Planning students (35 Ph.D.)
  • 595 Undergraduate (242 continuing majors, 268 pre-majors, 148 minors)

Numbers accurate as of Fall 2023

Living Alumni: 9,601

  • 1,159 Public Policy
  • 4,863 Social Welfare
  • 3,071 Urban Planning
  • 233 Public Administration
  • 275 Undergraduate Program
This includes doctoral degrees and Public Affairs majors but not undergraduate minors.
Numbers accurate as of Fall 2023

Interim Dean Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning

professor seated at a table in her office

Before beginning her appointment as Interim Dean at UCLA Luskin in January 2023, Professor Loukaitou-Sideris was Associate Dean (2012-2022) and a core member of the UCLA Urban Humanities Initiative.

She has also served as UCLA’s Associate Provost for Academic Planning from 2016 to 2019 and as the Chair of the UCLA Urban Planning Department (2002-2008).

She holds degrees in architecture and urban planning. Her research integrates social and spatial issues and emphasizes the need in planning, urban design, and policymaking to understand the perspectives of those who live and work in a community, and especially those of the most vulnerable populations.

She is the author or editor of 13 scholarly books and over 150 scholarly articles and chapters, and she has written on issues relating to mobility and safety, women’s travel, homelessness in transportation environments, gentrification and displacement, ethnic neighborhoods, and inner-city and downtown development and revitalization, among other topics.

Professor Loukaitou-Sideris’s research on sexual harassment in public and transit environments was instrumental in the passing of the SB 1161 in California against sexual harassment on transit, and she was recently invited and gave a briefing to the White House Gender Policy Council on this topic.

Board of Advisors

The UCLA Luskin Board of Advisors consists of volunteer leaders from business, government and the nonprofit sectors who provide guidance to the dean and academic department directors. As interested observers, they are less likely to get mired in day-to-day minutiae and instead think about the big picture, dreaming of how things could be better at the School, within academia or in society as a whole.

“Our commitment to the School is, obviously, to be ambassadors but also to be active participants,” said Jeffrey Seymour, a longtime member of the UCLA Luskin Board of Advisors and former chair. That participation means attending meetings and serving on subcommittees that deal with aspects such as event planning, philanthropy or mentorship.


Faculty Executive Committee

Chair: Veronica Herrera (Urban Planning)

Vice Chair: Megan Mullin (Public Policy)

Public Policy Representative: Randall Akee

Social Welfare Representative: Laura Wray-Lake

Urban Planning Representative: Mark Vestal

Undergraduate Representative: José Loya

Strategic Plan

In 2012, the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs used the opportunity presented by the generous $50-million naming gift from Meyer and Renee Luskin to rethink and plan how to meet the challenges of our time.  This Strategic Planning effort redefined the future of the School, the future of the field of public affairs, and the future of how public universities respond to society’s greatest problems.

In 2020, a committee of staff and faculty revisited the Strategic Plan to assess the progress that had been made and identify remaining challenges to be addressed. The updated plan also discusses issues that have emerged during the intervening years and sets forth additional priorities as appropriate. In 2024, the Luskin School’s Strategic Plan was updated again as part of a university-wide effort.

These comprehensive planning projects focused on identifying the world’s most pressing problems, developing new opportunities for UCLA Luskin to address them, and creating the knowledge base, tools and initiatives that are required for the School to continue playing a leadership role today and in the future.

Documents related to the plan may be accessed as PDFs at these links:

2024 Update

  • Strategic Plan (PDF)

2020 Update

  • Strategic Plan (PDF)

2012 Strategic Planning Documents

  • Executive Summary (PDF)
  • Strategic Plan (PDF)
  • Conceptual Framework (PDF)

You may also download all three 2012 documents in zipped format – (ZIP)

Note: Some UCLA Luskin-affiliated departments, research centers and administrative offices have engaged in strategic planning processes of their own, and those documents may be found elsewhere on this website or by contacting the respective unit.

Contact Us


Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
Interim Dean
(310) 206-8858

Erin Collins
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(310) 206-8858

David Cohen
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
(310) 206-2698

Drew Digby
Research Development Associate

Hien McKnight
Assistant Dean for Operations and Administration
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Julie Straub
Assistant Dean
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Cristy Portlock
Assistant Director of Recruitment & Admissions
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Oliver Ike
Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment
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Sean Campbell
Associate Director of Admissions & Recruitment
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UCLA Admissions
General Inquiries and Advising
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Nicole Payton
Senior Executive Director of External Relations
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Ricardo Quintero
Senior Director of Development
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Vishal Hira
Associate Director of Development
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Tilly Oren
Associate Director of Stewardship
(310) 956-6315 

Elizabeth Solis-Molina
Fundraising Coordinator
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(310) 825-7667

Robert Fairlie

Stacey Yukari Hirose
Manager (Faculty, AP, and Finance)
(310) 794-5050

Kevin Franco
Director of Student Affairs
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Ronaldo Avina
Academic Program Coordinator
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(310) 825-2892

Laura Abrams

Shelly Brooks
(310) 825-1429

Tanya Youssephzadeh
Director of Student Services

Pauline Paulino
Academic Program Coordinator
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(310) 794-4478

Michael Manville

Robin McCallum
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Brandon Basa
Graduate Advisor
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Pauline Paulino
Academic Program Coordinator
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(310) 794-4080

Michael Lens
Department Chair

Jocelyn Guihama
Director of Undergraduate Administration and Experiential Learning
(310) 569-4491

Erika Villanueva
Director of Student Services
(310) 794-9662

Rebecca Crane
Associate Director of Undergraduate Education
(310) 794-7192


Kevin Medina
Managing Director, Office of Student Affairs & Alumni Relations 

Karina Mascorro
Director of Alumni Engagement

Nandini Inmula
Assistant Director of Career Services 

Nael Rogers
Assistant Director of Student Support Services 


Les Dunseith
Executive Director of Communications
(310) 206-5252

Mary Braswell
Assistant Director of Communications
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Stan Paul
Senior Media Relations Manager & Principal Writer
(310) 206-8966


Tammy Borrero
Director of Events
(310) 206-4612

Events Hotline
(310) 206-8034


Luskin IT Computing

Mits Yamahata
IT Director

Dennis Jong
Director of IT Systems

Help Desk
(310) 206-6767


Rowena Barlow
Chief Financial Officer
(310) 206-7571

David Jaquez
Director, Research Administration
(310) 206-6013


Pam Harris
Human Resources Director
(310) 825-6300


Amada Armenta
Luskin Equity Advisor
Associate Professor
Department of Urban Planning 

Michelle Talley 
Faculty Advisor, D3 Initiative
Field Education Faculty of Social Welfare

Erin Collins
Staff Advisor, D3 Initiative
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(310) 206-8858

D3 Student Project Managers
Amil Hogan MPP
Savanna Hogan MSW
Jessica Tomas Lopez MURP

Visit Us

The Luskin School of Public Affairs building is located in the northeast section of the UCLA campus adjacent to the Murphy Sculpture Garden. Visitors to the School should plan on entering campus through the Hilgard entrance and park in Structure 3.

When classes are not in session from mid-June to late-September, the best days to visit are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
337 Charles E. Young Dr. East
Los Angeles
CA 90095-1656


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