UCLA Researchers Evaluate Efforts to Curb Trade of Conflict Minerals

Report finds ‘meaningful progress’ over past decade, but issues including child labor violations persist.

Black Lives Matter Pioneer Named 2021 Commencement Speaker

Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the global movement, is an author, educator and artist who has dedicated her life to racial justice.

Using Art and Technology, Proposal Aims to Increase Bike Commuting in L.A.

Project by UCLA faculty envisions collaborative bicycle 'flows' that generate digital exhibitions across the city.

Undergrads Come Together During a Year of Staying Apart

UCLA Luskin student group works to build peer-to-peer connections guided by the major's public service ethos.

How the Weinstein Scandal Ignited a Movement

Gains made in the #MeToo era are tempered by unresolved questions of accountability, journalist Megan Twohey tells a UCLA audience.

Study Analyzes Energy Conservation Tactics During Peak Periods

Research by Luskin Center for Innovation focuses on 'demand response programs' that encourage users to save energy when the electrical grid is under stress

Pride and Perseverance: The Story of Long Hoang

A public affairs student with an outgoing personality finds inner meaning amid the forced isolation of COVID-19.

2020 Stimulus Program Failed to Reach State’s Most Economically Vulnerable Districts

UCLA report is a call to action for policymakers as they craft new economic recovery plans.

Think the California Electorate Is a Liberal Monolith? Think Again

Report by Latino Policy and Politics Initiative at UCLA Luskin shows that voting on 2020 statewide ballot measures varied significantly across racial groups and regions

Fortitude Amid Uncertainty: The Journey of Adah Perez

After an academic reinvention, the UCLA Luskin undergraduate blazes a trail toward graduation despite the worldwide health crisis.