The UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs takes pride in helping to improve society through undergraduate and graduate education in the fields of public policy, social welfare and urban planning. We hope that our research can also help drive transformative action that produces policy solutions for California.

To further this effort, the School presented its inaugural UCLA Luskin Briefing at UC Center Sacramento on Feb. 14, 2024.

The gathering featured two panel discussions coordinated by esteemed UCLA Luskin faculty members and their affiliated research centers in collaboration with elected officials, government agencies and other policy experts.


In cooperation with affiliated research centers, two UCLA faculty members discussed their recent research findings.

Greg Pierce

Adjunct Associate Professor of Urban Planning; Co-Executive Director of the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation

Changing How — and Where — Californians Get Their Water: UCLA Luskin researchers have examined which strategies work best for cities coping with dwindling water resources amid climate change. Research efforts that analyze water policy in six major metropolitan areas can guide legislators toward the best decisions on major statewide investments as the state of California transitions from reliance on imported water to increased usage of nontraditional sources such as recycled water, stormwater collection and desalination.

Michael Lens

Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Policy; Associate Faculty Director, Lewis Center

Responding to Homelessness Through Land Use and Zoning Policy: A Fair Housing Land Use Score developed at UCLA measures the extent to which local regulations promote inclusion across neighborhoods. The Southern California scorecard shows most city zoning and housing plans do not advance fair housing goals, in some cases exacerbating rather than reversing segregation. Excluding new housing from desirable neighborhoods likely contributes to housing scarcity and unaffordability, while increasing the risk of systemic homelessness.


Current legislators, representatives of government agencies and other policy experts provides insights during the panel discussion and Q&A sessions that followed.

Opening remarks

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris

Richard Kravitz

Closing Remarks

CA Assembly Democratic Caucus Chair and Assemblymember Rick Zbur

Cecilia Estolano

Changing How — and Where — Californians Get Their Water

Maria Mehranian

Gregory Pierce

Senator Ben Allen

Nichole Morgan

Responding to Homelessness Through Land Use and Zoning Policy

Tia Boatman Patterson

Michael Lens

Assemblymember Isaac Bryan

Sasha Kergan

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