Twice each year, UCLA Luskin produces a series of stories to highlight our latest projects, publicize recent research advances and introduce our alumni and friends to the various personalities who make the School special. Those stories are collected in a printed magazine known as the Luskin Forum and also distributed via our website. Here is a snapshot of stories in recent Luskin Forums.

Current Issue

The Luskin School is a magnet for scholars and practitioners with a passion to move society toward a better future.

Finding solutions to big problems requires inspiration and action. You need planning and practice.

In recent months, an abundance of important work has come out of the Luskin School, and the current issue of Luskin Forum magazine focuses on a cross-section of memorable things done by admirable people. Our dreamers and doers.

Tapping Into People’s Passion to Do Good
Paul Ong and the Center for Neighborhood Knowledge have already issued dozens of research papers on the impacts of the pandemic — often without securing funding first.

Social Welfare Seeks to Dismantle Anti-Blackness
Students, faculty and alumni examine curriculum and address racial disparities in social work education.

A Launchpad Into the Working World
Public affairs majors embrace an array of opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

Advisory Boards Provide Inspiration, Perspective
Volunteer committees connect UCLA Luskin’s scholars to officials, community leaders and philanthropists.

Defending the Right to Vote
The U.S. election of 2020 showed how critical efforts like the two-year-old UCLA Voting Rights Project had become.

Message From the Dean
The year 2020 is etched in our memories forever. And we will be living with the consequences for a long time to come.

In Support of UCLA Luskin
Fellowships, memorial funds, alumni donations and other support for UCLA Luskin students, faculty and research.

Alumni Notes
Alumna leads parks department; former city manager writes humor book; L.A. County Mental Health deputy retires.

Alumni Accolades
UCLA Luskin graduates pass along word about job changes, new accomplishments and other career updates.

Previous Issue

Rising to the Challenge
When the coronavirus pandemic changed the world, UCLA Luskin acted quickly, moving to remote instruction and virtual platforms for many events — including commencement.

Called to Action
We profile some of the many UCLA Luskin students already making a difference in the world. It’s not just about pursuing an education for them, it’s a call to action!

Michael Dukakis on Public Leadership in a Time of Crisis
The former governor of Massachusetts and onetime Democratic nominee for president shares his insights on leadership.

An Outdoor Oasis
Research spearheaded by Urban Planning’s Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris contributes to a new public space designed with older adults in mind.

Dean’s Message
The outpouring of anger and demands for action unleashed in response to the death of George Floyd hold the potential for meaningful change — if we can seize the moment.

Alumni Notes
Urban Planning alumni provide leadership in El Monte and Cincinnati; a ’96 MSW and triple Bruin oversees the L.A. County Office of Education.

Alumni Accolades
Job changes, new accomplishments and other career updates from our alumni.

In Support of UCLA Luskin
Fellowships, memorial funds and other support for UCLA Luskin students, faculty and research.

Stories From Earlier Issues

Our Year of Anniversaries
The Luskin School marks its 25th year poised to expand, innovate and extend its reach into the community, nation and world.

Urban Planning Turns 50
Longtime observers say the activist spirit of its 1960s creation still permeates the program.

This Election Year, We Have 2020 Vision
As the president’s race comes to town, the UCLA Luskin community makes sure candidates take a stand on issues of importance.

‘Trailblazers’ Take the Lead as New Major Takes Flight
The diverse members of the undergraduate Class of 2021 connect with the mission to inspire and equip the next generation of leaders.

Taking the Border Crisis to Heart
Team from UCLA Luskin Social Welfare travels to immigrant detention center in Texas to counsel mothers and children seeking asylum in the U.S.

Her Personal Journey Forged a Path for Others
Founder of outreach to women in the sex business is named alumna of year by UCLA Luskin Social Welfare.

A Nexus of Latin Cities
New initiative Ciudades finds common ground in urban spaces across the Western hemisphere.

Guiding Tomorrow’s Difference Makers
Potential internship providers can help ensure that UCLA Luskin’s new undergraduate major remains strong as it grows.

Getting a Handle on the Future
Transportation experts join with policymakers and entrepreneurs to tackle the impact of disruptive technology on urban mobility.

A New Wrinkle at UCLA Luskin — Undergrads
Within months of official approval, the undergraduate degree in Public Affairs was already educating scores of pre-majors and providing them an avenue for activism.

Growing to Meet the Challenge of a Changing World
UCLA Luskin faculty additions bring new expertise to help keep pace with a rapidly evolving society.

In the Weeds of Legalized Pot
Recreational cannabis raises pressing questions for California officials, citizens and UCLA faculty experts seeking to devise common-sense policies.

Agents of Accomplishment
We followed three students as they pursued the final year of study for their MSW, MPP and MURP degrees. These are their stories of adversity and accomplishment.

Diversity Is Excellence at UCLA Luskin
The Diversity, Disparities and Difference (D3) Initiative connects students and groups across UCLA

Who We Are

A special series of essays written by staff members from Communications and our various research centers. It’s a snapshot of the people and projects that make UCLA Luskin such a vibrant, thought-provoking and entertaining place to be.

Giving Microeconomics a Human Face
Research by Manisha Shah bridges a worldwide policy gap between health, economics and education.

Can L.A. Fix its Broken Planning System?
UCLA Luskin urban planners discuss the challenges — and possible solutions — to L.A.’s development woes.

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