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Adan, Jesus; Valdez, Jessica; Valles, Nicolas; Vergara-De Vera, Kandice Formerly Incarcerated (FI) Students’ Access to Support within the UC System2023
Amabile, Claire; Macam, Samantha; Velasquez, Miranda“Taking them by the hand and walking with them”: A Phenomenological Study on
Supporting Girls in Gangs Across Los Angeles
Armstrong, Keira; Taguchi, Danielle; Tran, VanSocial Determinants of Learning: Examining Adolescent Student Learning Outcomes
During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Baggia, Sara; Junaidean, RahmaA Phenomenological Study on Muslim Chaplaincy in the University Setting2023
Beas, Ivan; Maxwell, Brittany; Montez, Anselmo; Rivera, MarioUtilizing Youth Voices: The Benefits and Challenges of P2P Programs Within Los Angeles
Unified School District
Cabonce, John; Fuller, Sam; Peña, Maggie; Takaha, AveryHelping You Helps Me: Measuring the Impacts on Adolescents Providing Online
Volunteer Peer Support Through the Teen Talk App
Chase, Janessa; Gomez, Karen; Rodriguez, Atziry; Smith-Bocanegra, Meagan The Effects of Diabetes Camps on Psychosocial Wellbeing of Children with Type One
Diabetes and Their Families:
A Study of Camp Conrad Chinnock
Chavez Suchilt, Alejandro; Islam, Jhorna; Lagunas, Rosa; Nguyen, CatherineHomies Help Homies, Always: Understanding the Homeboy Industries Program
Through Photovoice
Choe, Grace; Mazzucco, Alyssa; Plotkin, Sophia; Saavedra, BreannaComparing Psychotherapy and Complementary Integrative Health for Military Veterans
Diagnosed with PTSD
Collins, Gabby; Fernandez, Sacha; Medrano, Angela; Paige, Morgan “Emme”A Comparative Study of Healing Practices for Bisexual Women-Identified Survivors of
Relational Violence
Corb, Rebecca; Keller, Morgan; Lang, Petra; Lucas, DaisyHow Does Childhood Peer Support Relate to Adult Subjective Well-being: A Retrospective
Study of Parental Divorce
Cocilion, Julia; Kwan, Tara; Liu, Yuqi (Lucy); Placourakis, SophiaOn the Margins of Society: Vulnerable Older Adults’ and Caregivers’ Perceptions on
Their Quality of Life
Delgado Garcia, MayraLatinx/Hispanic Homelessness Before and After Covid-192023
Farrell, Fiona; Geminiano, Steven; Quiroz-Martinez, Jay How College Marks a Transition into Adulthood for AB 12 College Students2023
Fernandez, Joana; Lewis, Loren; Gonzalez, MyrellaBuilding Relationships Rooted in Resistance and Action:
Youth Organizing for Police Free Schooling in Los Angeles County
Leary, Keenan; Martin, Tee; Hall, JCThe “Miracle” of Cash and Connection:
Unhoused Experiences of a Basic Income and Social Support Pilot Program
Mitchell, Valena; Salgado, Miguel; Shah, Shaleen; Xie, YilinThe Impact of a School Mental Health Program on Students’ Help Seeking Behaviors
and Mental Wellbeing
Plummer, Joanna; Suarez, StephanieElizabeth House: Low-Income Single Mothers’ Service Needs Post-COVID-19 Pandemic2023
Reyes, Cameron; Sanchez, Clarissa; Valrey, ZoeResources, Support, and Friendship: A Qualitative Study of a Parent Support Group for
Neurodivergent Adults
Sakamoto, Kento; Sanatkar, Noah; Vuong, Angelina; Yen, AshleyNarrative Study: Trans People of Color (TPOC) Undergraduate Students in California
Seeking and Maintaining Gender-Affirming Care
Smith, Alicia; Lazo, Breanna; Herrera, Dana; Rivas, NancyChildren at Work: A Look Inside Immigrant Households2023
Tucker, Chyna; Mora, Julianna; Szafran, Patrycja; Koyama, SamanthaAssociations of Young Adult Perception of Caregiver Mental Health on Depression,
Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Romantic Relationship Satisfaction, & Social Support
Unknown (MSW Student Author names omitted for privacy)Involuntarily Celibate, Voluntarily Violent: Rhetoric Used Within the Incel Community2023
Yu, Caiyun; Cavlan, Ella; Wong, MarissaJuvenile Diversion is a “Second Chance”: Perceptions and Experiences of Youth
Participating in Parents, Educators/Teachers, and Students in Action (PESA)
Abzug, Mary; Akella, Anusha; Meshel-Wood, Chloe; Metzgar, AndreaDisparities in Perceptions of School-Based Mental Health Supports by Nontraditional School Type, Race, and Mental Health Symptomatology2022
Ahn, TaeminExamining Disproportionality in Adult Protective Services Decisions in Southern California2022
Alejo, Carolina; Coronel, Brenda; Montoya, MarissaFamily-Related Stress and Social Support: The Experiences of Filipino American Essential Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic2022
Alfaro, Michelle; Miller, Aleetia; Palafox, Margarita RiosThe Voices of BGSA Scholars in UCLA’s First Start Bruin Guardian Scholars Academy 2022
Andaya, Marlet; Bustos, Isabel; Luis, CarlaHerstories of Older Latinx Women in the U.S. Post Retirement2022
Aramburo, Leslie; Comforti, Nina; Cortes, Daisy; Dixon, SavannaAssessing Needs of Low-Income Families with Young Children After COVID-19 to Inform Agency Programming 2022
Asaf, Sunny; Wright, CaelaProgram Evaluation for LGBTQIA+ and Neurodivergent Youth2022
Baeza, Jasmine; Gast, Kristen; Naranjo, Merlin Ereira“I Can’t Just Blame It on Outside Factors”: Perspectives on Racial Disproportionality and Bias within Los Angeles County’s Child Welfare System2022
Bass, Lien M.; Bravo, Nirvana; Forrest, Annalea; Newman, M. RoxeyAssessing Satisfaction with an Infant Mental Health Program for Foster Families2022
Benicia, Norma; Carter, Tyrone L.; De La Cruz, Anai; Ramirez, HectorExploring Fatherhood Behind Bars: A Phenomenological Study on African-American/Black and Latino Incarcerated Men 2022
Bernal, Denisse; Escoto, Rebecca; Prescott, Alexandra; Vázquez, PriscillaExamining Mental Health Prevention Services, Barriers, and Implementation: Promoting Paths to Student Well-being in LAUSD2022
Birk, Amrik; Carr, Amie; Ehrlich, Vannessa; Rodriguez, JohannaUCLA’s Bruin Guardian Scholar Program: The Effectiveness of University Campus-based Support Programs for Foster Youth Students2022
Birtch, Brooke; Martinez, Tracy; Marvel, Daphne; Thomsen, MeganAdolescent Mental Health and its Association with Family and Peer Relationships During the COVID-19 Pandemic2022
Bocarsly, Hannah; Medina, Anissa; Miller, Megan; Wein, RachelThe Relationship Between ACEs and Later Life Externalizing Behaviors2022
Bowen, Alex; Elgezawi, Nour; Heller, Sasha; Santamaria, GracielaClinician Turnover at the Seneca Family of Agencies2022
Bracamontes, Guadalupe; Miguel, Ana; Orellana, Silvia“A Community, That’s What we Are”: A Qualitative Study on Social Service Workers’ Perceptions Working With Pregnant Women at Risk for Post-Partum Depression2022
Brand, Sage; Comber, Audrey; Mendoza, Bela; Nguyen, AngelaThe Challenges of Former Foster Youth in California Graduate and Professional Programs2022
Brisbin, CalTobacco, Marijuana, and Terror Management: The Relationship Between COVID-Related Mortality Salience, Inhaled Substance Use, and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity2022
Cadena, Esteban; Estrada, Jessica; Gonzalez, Lucy; Menard, TeddyExamining the Usage and Perceived Satisfaction of Wellness Center Services on the Mental Health of Adolescents2022
Callis, Madeline; Kazemi, Baraneh; Manzour, Yael; Palmer, RachelUse of Emotional and Instrumental Support on Teen Talk: an App-based Peer Support Forum for Adolescents2022
Cascione, Louisa; Molina, April; Rubin, Nora; Sharon, OliviaProgram Evaluation of Cheerful Helpers2022
Chang, Katianna; Millet, Victoria; Sangha, Kamal; White, JenniferReclaiming Black Motherhood: A Site of Resistance and Empowerment2022
Compton, Brandy; Kessler, Emma; Lee, Angela; Redmond, RebeccaThe Effect of Neighborhood Collective Efficacy on the Relationship Between Paternal Incarceration and Juvenile Delinquency2022
Dodson, Matt; Farias, Jessica; Toledo, Adrian; Venegas, TiffanyExploring Social Action Engagement among Graduate Social Work Students With Micro, Mezzo, or Macro Social Work Orientations 2022
Escobedo, Angel De Luna; Hollopeter, Carlos; Valdivia, AdamAn Assessment of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Cultural Consciousness and Competency Within Partners in Care Staff2022
Geoghegan, Jacqueline Muñoz; Lopez, Rosamaria; Sakhalkar, Isha; Stans, Symona“Taught Me Nothing, Prepared Me Zero at All:” Sex Education Impact on LGBTQ+ College Students2022
Marrone, Benjamin; Mendiola, Marikit; Nguyen, Kevin L.; Rubury, CarrieCommunity-Based Organization Insights on Implementing a Closed-Loop Referral System to Address Adverse Childhood Experiences2022
Martinez, Alessandra; Nguyen, Tram; Phu, Kanh; Reyes, Lou MarieThe Impact of Telehealth Services on Client Retention in Community-Based Substance Use Treatment Programs2022
Appell, Jessica; Glazkova, Lana; Heskin, Alyssa; Malkoukian, MichelleHow Trauma-Informed are Community-Based In-Prison Programs?2021
Arnold, Gregory; Juarez, Lucia; Ollanik, Tyler; Macadamia, VanessaThe Impact of Transformative In-prison Workgroup Trauma-informed In-prison Programs2021
Bolano, CarlDiscrimination and Health among Filipino Migrants and Non-Migrants: A Prospective Cohort Study2021
Burton, Joseph W.; Homsy, Sarah E. Barriers to Physical Activity for Adults with Visual Impairments and Adults with Comorbid Visual Impairments and Intellectual Disabilities2021
Calderon, Ron; López, Bernice O.; Shallowhorn, AntonioUnheard Voices: Perspectives from the Inside during COVID-19 2021
Chavez, Maira; Duran, Gloria; Keels, Matthew; Regis, NancyAdolescence During a Pandemic: Examining Latinx Adolescents’ Mental Health Measured by Family and Peer Relations During COVID-192021
Dalton, Jade; King, Amanda; Louden, AsataThe Impact of Childhood Physical, Sexual and Emotional Violence and Disclosure on Mental Health and Likelihood of Substance Abuse Among Nigerian Women2021
Farnan, Ash“It Makes Things Impossible for Me to Endure”: A Qualitative Study on Politicization of Those with Environmental Illness2021
Fiskin, Sarah; Kreiss, Taylor; Kulewicz, Julia; Viducich, IsabellaUsing Entertainment Education to Promote Emerging Social Work Clinicians’ Empathy Towards and Self-Efficacy and Cultural Humility in Practice with PLWH2021
Flores, Vilma; Lee, Jordan; McCarty, Katie; Roberts, RobynInstathey/them/theirs: Expressions of Identity on Social Media by Non-Binary Individuals2021
Fuentes, KimberlyRevolutionizing Community Under the Red Umbrella: Intersectional Inquiry with Sex Workers on Protective Factors in Los Angeles, CA2021
George, Alexia; Do, Lisa; Olmedo, DarleneHope Street: An Exploration into a Local Los Angeles Integrative Health Care Model2021
Grigsby, Ayely; Najarro, Rebeca; Lara, GabriellaInfant Attachment and Its Impact on the Relationship Between Maternal Childhood Trauma and Child Socio-emotional Development2021
Howard, Jameelah; May, Alexis; Mizuki, Jennifer; Nguyen, AngelaParent-Child Relationship of Adopted Children with Special Needs and Mental Health Service Utilization2021
Magoski, Kacie; Nofziger, Lizzy; Woods, KateThe Realities of Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth: An Exploratory Study of CSE Youth with Open Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services 2021
Mansoorian, Enease; Cradle, Janaya; Molina, Catya; McCormick, PatrickACEs and Suicidal Ideation in the Latinx Community2021
Padilla Jardon, Jesus; Sheley, Michael; Gonzalez, AraceliRacism Between the Virtual Sheets: Encounters With Sexual Racism on Grindr and Psychological Distress Among Men of Color Who Have Sex With Men2021
Ruiz, Stephanie; Saucedo, Fabiola; Vargas, Alejandra COVID-19 in Immigrant Detention Centers: Effects on Detainee Emotional Wellbeing2021
Samba, MariesaMutual Aid to Survivors of Gender and Sexual Violence2021
Scofield, Jodi E.Appalachian Uprising: White Identity Formation & Anti-Racist Resistance on Twitter2021
Alex, Erika; Copeland, Eve; Garcia, Alexis; Gonzales, JosephBurnout: An Examination of Protective Factors2020
Anderson, Maya; Arevalo-Canales, Vanessa; Corley, Tracy D.Camp Unity Program Assessment2020
Anguren, Alana; Cruz, Daisy, Rafael-Ramos, Mabel, Villalobos, Oscar, Fred, SsembatyaYouth Participatory Action Research Against Violence in the Streets: The Identification of Social Work Interventions to Support the Well-Being of Street-Connected Youth in Uganda2020
Aranda, Arlene; Orellana, Nathalie; Salazar, NancyExploring Connections to Community Resources at Harbor-UCLA Pediatric Clinic2020
Bernardini, Alex; Khalifa, Natalia; Fregoso, Maria; Flowers, KeanWriting It Out: Exploring how Justice-Impacted Youth in Los Angeles Heal and Connect through Creative Expression2020
Boiko, Oksana; Pailevanian, AngelaInfluence of Prison Climate on Recidivism in the United States2020
Brown, Veronica; Garcia, Heliud; Hayes, Amanda; Savoy, Anne MarieEmotional Connection and Communication Between Older Adults and their Caregivers2020
Capps, Jeff; Radwan, Adam; Shapiro, Akinyi; Wassel, Molly“I Wanna Be Sedated”: Using Humor as a Protective Factor for Adolescents and Emerging Adults in the Prodromal State of Schizophrenia2020
Cecil, Zachary; Horowitz, Chloe; Katz, Sarah; White, NicoleBarriers to Engagement: Client Perspectives from a Community Based Organization2020
Cellar, Lindsay; Kim, Olivia; Pelner, Adam; Thorpe, KatieRestrained: Coercion in Psychiatric Hospitals2020
Charley, Tina Marie; Cota, Alvaro; Lopez, Romen; Marshall, DeniseThe Reintegration Academy: Perceptions of A Prison Program and Its Societal Impact On Reducing Recidivism2020
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Cruz, Katie; Dardon, Sheila; Stockly, Katherine; Williams, ErikaMindful Schools: Implementation of Mindfulness Practices in Elementary School Classrooms2020
Fernandez, Anika; Grabowski, Lauren; Lau, Caitlin; Lloyd, VictoriaMaternal Depression and Externalizing Behaviors at Schools among Black Children2020
Garrow, Greg P.; Hervey, Brandon M.; Mann, Jeff L.; Sdoeung, KhonSuicidality among Veterans of America’s Longest Wars: A Person in Environment Perspective2020
Gómez, AnthonyThe effect of a Medical-Financial Partnership on economic strain and parenting self-efficacy: Baseline associations and preliminary follow-up analyses2020
Miller, Olivia Rose“​Sanar Será Nuestra Revolución​”: Radical Activist Care in Colombia for Social Justice-Driven Social Work Praxis2020
Nuevo, Alejandra; Sánchez, Cecilia; Armenta, Guillermo; Lopez, StephanieRESTORE: Her Program Assessment2020
Ortega, Rafael; Tarleton, Christine; Taylor, Ty-JuanaThe Program Assessment2020
Pashin, Eve; Stewart, Carly; Yarema, ValerieClinician Racial Bias in the Diagnosis of Externalizing Behavior in Children2020
Torres, Brenda I.; Campino-Ruiz, Mariana; Santamaria, Patricia S.; Carlson, Will J.Creating a Healing Society Program Assessment2020