Rebecca Crane

Rebecca Crane’s research focuses on urban poverty, housing and informal settlements in the developing world, community organization, and environmental vulnerability. She is currently studying studying informal settlement upgrading and organization around environmental vulnerability in the Philippines.

Rebecca’s background is in international economic development. Prior to completing her Master’s Degree and beginning the Urban Planning Doctoral Program, she worked in the nonprofit sector on issues related to human rights, women’s rights, and economic security in low-income countries. She has lived and worked in a number of countries, and her time exploring cities of the Global South is what drew her to the field of Urban Planning and inspired her current research.

Office: 1349D Public Affairs Building

Nicole Lambrou

Nicole Lambrou is a practicing architect, urban designer, and researcher. Her practice, tinkercraft, attempts to reveal, augment, and question the relationship between people, institutions, and the makings of new natures through design and research.

She is currently pursuing a PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs, and her work there focuses on how the politics of climate change shape urban environmental transformations. Her research documents the work of planners, engineers, designers, ecologists, and everyday urban dwellers in making new natures in their cities, and explores the values and spatial imaginaries that drive their efforts.