R. Jisung Park

R. Jisung Park is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy. An environmental and labor economist interested in research that can inform policy, he received his PhD in economics at Harvard University in 2017.

Professor Park’s research focuses on how market failures such as climate change affect social and economic outcomes, particularly in the context of labor and human capital investment. He is also interested in the process by which individuals and firms may – or may not – adapt to climate change, and how our understanding of adaptation informs the design of climate policy.

Methodologically, his work combines micro-economic theory with quasi-experimental research designs to understand the welfare consequences of environmental market failures, and to assess the impact of policies designed to mitigate them.

Professor Park received his undergraduate education in economics and political science from Columbia University (’09), and went on to pursue master’s degrees in Environmental Change and Management (’10) and Development Economics (’11) at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship.

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