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CODESWITCH: The Transborder Immigrant Tool

Apr 23 @ 10:00 am-12:00 pm

As Antigone (González) poses the question, “Will you share the labor, share the work?” For over a decade, together and apart, we have been composing a play-performance-app-poem-song-essay about hemispheric kinopolitics, eco-catastrophe, undocumentation (what’s Left of MX-US border artivisms, what’s still touched by a cyborgesian goddess-ray on the horizon). Our collaborators have included media pundits, federal investigators, university auditors and administrative naysayers, anonymous haters, museum and biennial curators, NGOs and humanitarian aid workers, militant researchers, DIY translators, planetary walkers and continental crossers. Please join us for a choral reading of excerpts from “CODESWITCH: The Transborder Immigrant Tool” (transborder algo-rhythms against caging algorithms).

micha cárdenas, Assistant Professor of Art & Design:​ Games + Playable Media, and Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, UCSC​

Amy Sara Carroll, Associate Professor of Literature & Writing, UCSD​

Ricardo Dominguez, Associate Professor of Visual Arts ​Principal Investigator at CALIT2/QI, UCSD​

Elle Mehrmand, New Media Performance Artist & Musician

Brett Stalbaum, Teaching Professor of Visual Arts​ Faculty Advisor to the Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts major, UCSD

Part of the #SanctuarySpaces Virtual Residency with Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT) 2.0