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UCLA Arrowhead Series: Changing Travel Behavior

Oct 21 @ 1:30 pm-3:00 pm

- $79

UCLA Arrowhead Series:  Changing Trends in Travel Behavior – Will They Last?

How has travel behavior changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, including adjustments and substitutions for work-related and shopping trips? How do changes in travel behavior and online shopping differ between income, race/ethnicity, and occupational class? Will these trends last?


Giovanni Circella
Director, UC Davis 3 Revolutions Mobility Program

Deborah Salon
Professor, ASU School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning

Susan Shaheen
Professor, CEE and Co-Director, TSRC, UC Berkeley and Director, UC ITS’ Resilient and Innovative Mobility Initiative

The UCLA Arrowhead Symposium presents the remote learning series Not “Back to Normal:” Mapping a Just Transportation Recovery from COVID-19. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, transportation agencies have suffered a profound shock, after already struggling with ages of systemwide inequities and inefficiencies. The intensity and speed with which COVID-19 spread through communities around the globe forced quick and often difficult adaptations by the industry. These challenges were exacerbated by transportation’s history of rigid and slow-changing systems. Returning “back to normal” would mean returning to an era of declining transit ridership, chronic congestion, unsafe streets, regressive finance, and persistent mobility challenges for economically and socially vulnerable populations.

Registration Info:

$79 – Guarantees access to all 10 sessions and recorded materials, plus ability to interact with speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and more. Scholarships available for full registration access.

Free – Observer-only access.

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