Here is some information to help new hires get started.

You should be set up already.

IT Help Desk: call 310‐206‐6767 or email

The campus is transitioning to Zoom soft phone. Please contact your administrator if you require a land line.

If you still have a land line, contact Hien McKnight if you need:

  1. Help forwarding your office line to a different number.
  2. Your voicemail messages to go to your email as an audible attachment.

If you need a work cell phone, the UCLA Mobile Program has excellent prices. Please contact your manager or fund manager for assistance.

Land Line Quick Reference Guide:

Norstar System or EBS System 

Voicemail Setup Guide

If requested, a mailbox has been created for you in room 3330, our main mailroom. To access, you will need to enter your University ID (UID) number on the keypad.


US Mail is delivered once a day to the mailroom. Couriers, such as Fedex, will come to the addressee’s departmental office. Deliveries via USPS will actually arrive at least 1 day later than stated.

Address for US Postal Service:

Luskin School of Public Affairs PO Box 165606 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1656

For Fedex or Other Couriers:

Luskin School of Public Affairs 337 Charles E. Young Drive East, Suite 3357 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1656


ON-CAMPUS mail is free of charge and is picked up daily from the mailroom from the table marked “Outgoing Mail.” To expedite, you will need the campus mailcode of the recipient. It is a 6-digit code, and it should be listed along with the employee’s contact information on The Luskin School’s mailcode is 165606.

OFF-CAMPUS: You will need something called a “recharge ID” on the envelope in order for it to be sent. Please check with your department manager for the correct number as it does change from time to time. They can also help you with Fedex, etc. All mail/parcels must have a return address in order for them to be picked up and delivered. For large parcels, please let your department staff know.

PERSONAL MAIL: Employees are requested not to send nor receive personal mail via Campus Mail Services. It is also much faster to drop off mail in the US mailboxes than to go through campus mail. The nearest drop-off location is southwest of our building. The nearest full-service US Post Office is in Ackerman Union.

Should you need to make photocopies, there are copiers in rooms #3357 (Department Office), the 3rd floor Mail Room (#3330), 5th Floor (#5320) and 6th Floor (#6338). You should have received your copier code already, and it should work for all of these machines.

Please contact your manager for instructions as each unit has its own internal procedures. Most of the forms can be found on the Luskin School Financial Services website

The 24-hour Trouble Calls number for power issues, leaks, locks, etc. is 310-825-9236.

The building is open from 7 am – 10 pm Monday through Friday, closed on weekends and holidays. However, the Arts Library is often open on the weekends from 1-5 pm, so you may be able to gain access from the building’s southwest entrance. If you need to enter outside of those hours, please let Hien McKnight know and she can make arrangements. There have been thefts in the building, so please lock your door when you vacate the office.

Trash inside private offices is picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while the common areas should have daily service.

UCLA provides a free walking escort service every day of the year from dusk until 1 a.m. for campus and the vicinity. To request, call (310) 794-9255. Click here for more information.

The BruinBus is UCLA’s free shuttle service on campus. Click here for more information.

Emergency: 911

UCLA Police Department: (310) 825-1491

For dispatchers:

Public Affairs Building 337 Charles E. Young Drive East Los Angeles, CA 90095 Near Hilgard and Wyton, across from UCLA Guest House

In case of emergencies, the wardens for Suite 3250 are Erin Collins and Tammy Borrero. Floor wardens are Annie Kim and Constance Vance.

If you think you may need additional assistance during an evacuation, please let your wardens know.

Should we need to evacuate, the gathering place for our building is the grass area in the Sculpture Garden, northwest the building.

BruinAlert via Twitter: Text ‘40404’ with the words ‘follow @UCLABruinAlert’ to receive text messages.

Bruins Safe App: Bruins Safe is the official mobile safety app of UCLA. Users will receive instant notifications and instructions during emergencies. It is available free from your app store.

For Bruins Safe Online, UCLA’s official resource during an emergency, click here.

For UCLA Emergency Management, click here.

For information on free training on Active Shooters, Emergencies, etc., click here

At UCLA Luskin, we have a number of ways to get the word out about faculty accomplishments and research publications. Our website is the primary vehicle for communication, and from there we will push information out to social media channels, which reach various media outlets.

Short items such as new grants received usually go to the web blog.

We also write longer stories, including some about new research efforts, but those take a bit more time and generally involve an interview with the faculty member by myself or one of the other writers on the Luskin Communications staff. Here is a link to a web page where those types of Luskin-specific stories are collected:

A third avenue for publicity within UCLA Luskin is our running collection of media citations, which we call UCLA Luskin in the News. We write those as short summaries, usually citing a specific quote from the faculty member that appeared in the story as it appeared on the website of the external media outlet. Hyperlinks point interested readers to the original story (or video or podcast or radio interview) online.

In some cases, we also work directly with UCLA Newsroom to distribute information. UCLA Newsroom operates independently but the staff there tends to defer to us for ideas. Even when they don’t pick up a full story from us, they will often include a summary item in their Faculty and Staff section.

There are other avenues too, including the Luskin Forum, our magazine, and direct pitches to media outlets. To get the process started, please reach out as early as possible.

Contact information and a step-by-step guide for faculty members can be found on the website’s Communications page:

Social media links are in the footer area of the website.

Alumni updates should be routed to Karina Mascorro or this form on the website.

View the complete Luskin School welcome kit here.

Click on the following links for more information about faculty, staff and student appointments: