The Luskin Computer Lab is open for student use during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters. The lab is closed between quarters and over the summer. During the academic quarter, the lab is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, with granted 24-hour access for subscribed students who request this additional access. As with all University offices, the lab is closed on University holidays.

Computer Lab

Due to the UCLA Safer-at-home COVID restrictions, please refer to the Virtual Computing Resource link at this time for computer lab services.

IMAG01938The computing classroom is comprised of thirty student workstations, two tables to accommodate students working on their laptops, and one teaching station. All stations are HP personal computers running Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and supporting the Microsoft Office Suite, the ESRI suite of mapping products, and various statistical software including SPSS and STATA. Other software is available and the inventory of teaching software is updated quarterly based on requests by faculty. All stations are equipped Windows large display PC’s and connection to the Luskin network. The classroom also includes one projection screen, whiteboard, a digital projection system supporting data and video sources. This facility is available for walk-in student use when not in use for scheduled classes.

backlabThe Back Lab is a twenty-five station student lab. Equipped with computers and software identical to the computing classroom, this facility is generally used for student overflow project work. The open layout allows for collaboration and discussion in a more fluid environment.  All stations have the same software as 1015A .  This facility is available for walk-in student use. Plenty of whiteboards located around the lab for collaboration.

IMAG01953The Glass Room (or Fishbowl) is a  accommodates student project work and collaboration. The room has eight student lab stations setup exactly as 1015A. This facility is available for walk-in student use. There are also empty tables to allow for project collaboration and a long whiteboard for use.

The PHD lab contains four stations located inside of the PDH commons. The computers have the same configurations as those in the main computing lab.

For after hours access please visit the Luskin Helpdesk Front Desk or email

Lab Policies

  •  Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the labs.
  •  No eating or drinking at any workstation in the labs.
  •  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  •  Users will be good citizens in the lab.
  •  Users should vacate the computer lab when used for classes that the user is not enrolled in.
  •  Users login and after‐hours door code are for individual user use only.
  •  Computing equipment or furniture cannot be removed from the labs.
  •  Users are responsible for saving their own work and making backups of those files.
  •  Users are responsible for all printing charges to their own account.
  •  The Luskin Lab is for the exclusive use of Luskin students, faculty, and staff.
  •  Any vandalism of UC equipment/property will be reported to the UC Police Department.
  •  All virus alerts, errors and odd occurrences should be reported immediately to the helpdesk.
  •  Staff will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items left unattended.
  •  The computing lab is for educational use only.
  •  Be courteous of other lab users and keep your noise level to a minimum.
  •  All cell phones are to be turned off or set to vibrate/silent as not to disturb classmates.
  •  No sleeping in the lab at any time.
  •  All account holders are bound by the policies as set by UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and the UC Electronic Communications Policy.  All account holders are bound to the policies as set by the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and the UC Electronic Communications Policy.
  • This academic facility is for the exclusive use of Luskin students, faculty, and staff.

Violations of the policies will result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary action will include but not limited to:

  • A verbal warning as needed.
  • Request to leave the computer lab if non‐compliant.
  • Computer Lab account access revoked.
  • A hearing with a user’s Department Student Affairs Officer (SAO) or Assistant Dean.


The Printer Zone, located in the general work area of Suite 1015, is comprised of high speed, multifunction printers such as the Ricoh Pro black and white laser printer and the Ricoh MP color laser printer.

Black and White: $0.04 per page
Color: $0.15 per page
Plotter $7.75 per square foot (not available at this time)

*Printing charges are billed on the UCLA Billing and Receivables (BAR) system during the first week of the month following the accrual of the charges. UCLA BAR make take several weeks before posting charges to your account.

Adobe Acrobat 2017 Application to view, create, manipulate, print, and manage files in Portable Document Format
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Family of products intended for professional print, web, interactive, and mobile designers.
ArcGIS 10.5 Program for desktop geographic information analysis and mapping.
AutoCAD 2018 Application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design and drafting.
Chrome Latest A freeware web browser developed by Google.
FileZilla Latest Open-source (GNU GPL) FTP client for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.
Google Earth Latest A virtual globe, map, and geographical information program.
IBM SPSS 24 SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a comprehensive, integrated system for data manipulation and statistical data analysis.
Microsoft Edge Latest Microsoft’s Internet browser program for accessing the World Wide Web.
Microsoft Office 2016 An integrated suite of applications from Microsoft which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.
Mozilla Firefox Latest Mozilla Firefox3 is our mature, integrated application suite that includes browser, email and newsgroup client, chat client, and an HTML editor.
Notepad++ Latest Source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.
R Latest R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
SAS 9.4.1 The SAS System is an integrated suite of software for enterprise-wide information delivery functioning on four data-driven tasks common to virtually any application-data access, data management, data analysis, and data presentation.
Sophos Latest Sophos Anti-Virus protects your network, desktop and even remote laptop computers from the latest viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware.
SketchUp 2017 A 3D modeling program for a broad range of applications such as architectural, civil, mechanical, film and video game design.
Stata 15 Stata is programmable, statistical software for Windows.
VLC Media Player Latest Open-source media player that supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats.
Windows Media Player Latest Windows Media player is an all-in-one player for audio formats and video formats.
Zoom Latest Zoom Video Communications provides audio/web and video-conferencing in a simple, easy-to-use format.

Remote Access

Luskin domain users can access their accounts remotely via Remote Desktop Services.  This service allows you to access lab software and data stored in your network drive remotely, provided you have a network connection. For detailed information on how to connect to Remote Desktop Services, click here.

FYI: The Luskin Computer Lab is housed in the Western Data Processing Center, which opened in 1959 as a UCLA / IBM joint venture.  It was the first wing of the Public Affairs Building to be completed.  The Center was part of the early development of the Arpanet, precursor to the internet.

The Luskin School computer lab, located in 1015 Public Affairs Building, is a resource available to all Luskin School students at no cost.  The Luskin Lab is open 24 hours a day during the academic term, and closed over the summer and for intersession for upgrades and maintenance.

As of Fall 2015, all the computers were upgraded to brand new HP all-in-ones for the computer lab.

The Lab houses a computing classroom, a walk-in lab, and a collaboration room.  Data storage and printer access are available to students.  A signed User Agreement is required for activation of student lab accounts.  Accounts are active for the whole school year as specified in their User Agreement.

The Luskin Lab is a vibrant part of the Luskin Community, and open and active collaboration and communication with the academic programs of the School is an intrinsic component of this community.